OOOOOOKay...Boy's homemade hat falls foul of school weapon ban

US boy’s homemade hat falls foul of school weapon ban

A woman in Rhode Island said that her son’s school had stopped the boy from wearing a patriotic hat he had made to honour US troops because it broke a school ban on weapons. Christan Morales said that when her eight-year-old son, David, had to make a hat for his class at Tiogue school in Coventry, he decided to glue small plastic army figures to a camouflage hat bearing an American flag. But she said he was not allowed to wear the hat to school, and that his teacher had called to say it was not appropriate because guns were represented, violating a ban on weapons and toy weapons.

Uh…but Mom, they’re soldiers!?

While the teacher may have been doing her best to uphold school policy, the lad is still to be commended for his creativity. Wonder if anybody like the principal bothered to explain things to him?

Sheer stupidity. :frowning: Does America have any common sense left?

Those little geen soldiers.? Are they going to ban the movie, “Toy Story”? They are a big part of it.



A toy green soldier :eek:

On a camo hat :eek:

Flogging is too good for him.


He picked the wrong weapons. I hear the school has a specific exception for industrial tools such as hammers and agricultural tools such as sickles.

Here is a bit more information:

[quote=Fox News](The superintendent of Coventry Public Schools) said the intent of the principal was to allow the child the full expression of depicting the theme, but to help him find a way to express it without the presentation of weapons. He said the principal decided there were alternative ways to represent his theme.

“The principal’s concern was not the theme, not the patriotism and not the soldiers,” said DiPietro. “She worked with family to come up with alternatives so the child’s rights and patriotism was protected.”

erm…huh? Soldiers are okay, but not if they have weapons? Doesn’t the very idea of a military imply the use of weapons?

[quote=Fox News]DiPietro said the school hopes to learn from this incident and spend time deciding whether there should be a different strategy for handling such issues in the future.

Yes, I hope so! :o

BTW, there is a photo of the dangerous hat at the Fox News link.

Okay, let’s find out who formulated this policy, tie them in a chair and force them to listen to the G.I. Joe song for 24 hours. :smiley:

Whadda ya wanna bet he would have been asked to take off the camo/flag cap w/o soldiers?

Yeah, I can’t believe they objected to the hat. That’s really dumb. I watched an online news video about it, and apparently the school decided that the hat violated the school’s zero-tolerance ban on weapons, because the toy soldiers have guns. But they’re tiny green inch-long toy army-man guns! Those people need to get a grip.

And ninja weapons, such as throwing stars. 5-pointed ones.

Yeah…right…an 8 year old is a threat to public safety with this???

Frankly, I’m thinking of making one to wear.

Yeah - all the parents should attend the next school function wearing one. Make a bunch…

What’s there to explain except for the fact that the PC police are running amuck.


I seem to remember a similar story awhile back about a boy who was suspended for bringing in a (rather tiny) G.I. Joe with a detatchable plastic gun.

EDIT: Ah, here.

RI school to alter policy that banned soldier hat

That’s the problem with zero tolerance policies (all of them), they leave no room for the exercise of commonsense. Can’t rightly think of one such policy that works in the real world - but whatever relieves school administrators of the necessity of actually thinking out solutions to potential problems gets instituted in schools it seems.

The odds are about a hundred to one that the principle voted for Obama last time and against Bush the times before.

Leftist lunacy.

Wow…just wow. They do know pencils can be weapons right? Toy soldier’s are not considered weapons at all

The principal may or may not be the one responsible for formulating that specific policy but is charged with enforcing it nevertheless. Zero tolerance sometimes equates to zero brain exertion and that does not necessarily reflect on the principal’s personal choices or intellectual capacity.

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