Op Ed in the WSJ - abortion and the toll on elections

From the article…“Abortion has caused missing Democrats–and missing liberals. For advocates so fundamentally committed to changing the face of conservative America, liberals have been remarkably blind to the fact that every day the abortions they advocate dramatically decrease their power to do so. Imagine the number of followers that their abortion policies eliminate who, over the next several decades, would have emerged as the new liberal thinkers, voters, adherents, fund-raisers and workers for their cause.”


I had heard that this has been known in the pro-life movement for some time, that the pro-choice and radical feminist movement is getting “gray” - there’s little new life to support their ideals. Has anyone else heard this as well? :confused:

It’s an eye-opening study, but it’s frightening to think where this country would be if all those aborted Democrats had voted in the last few elections. And the impact may even be understated, because it ignores the fact that many of those aborted babies could now be parents themselves.

On the other hand, if abortion is outlawed by constitutional amendment, there’s less reason to fear those whose political party supports abortion.

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