Open letter by David French National Review


He is more easy to defend from a Christian point of view than Clinton would have been. It’s why those Evangelicals voted for him.

Another excellent article is here

It’s true though. America’s evangelical leaders have led their flock into the same situation as the European countries with empty churches - a country in a Christian afterglow, not one following the teachings of Christ.

Some of my Protestant Relatives are so “Trump Enamored” it is scary. It is akin to them believing he is some sort of Messiah.

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Trump hatred is not so much hatred of Trump as it is hatred of his supporters who have the effrontery to oppose the Dem religion of abortion. We see it here on CAF all the time.

Lots of writers share the hatred of southern fundamentalists (therefore some, but not all, Evangelicals) and have ever since H.L. Mencken and perhaps before that. Progressives have always hated them.

In reality, Trump is only supported by religious conservatives because he represents a block in the onrush of abortion/sexual perversion progressivism. Progressives, of course, want to remove him for the very same reason. Whether they’ll succeed or not is uncertain presently.


Another run of calling people that disagree with Trump haters. Oh, @theo520

From the FT article, “Flynt says evangelical Christians are mainly mobilising against the sins they either do not want to commit (homosexual acts) or cannot commit (undergoing an abortion, in the case of men). They turn a blind eye toward temptations such as adultery and divorce that interest them.”

And "In 2010, the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution calling the rising incidence of divorce among its members a “scandal”.

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I disagree with his analysis, Trump derangement syndrome is very real, and it’s directed at Trump himself.

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Good to see we’ve gone from saying that these sort of comments don’t happen that often to the comments are justified.

I think the press has failed to understand why people voted for him, because it doesn’t fit their framework.


Yes, I think they assumed that all the talk from Evangelicals was sincere.

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This. If people point-blank refuse to listen to the reasons people are telling them as to why they voted for Trump in the first place, there’s not a lot to be done except shrug and move on (and vote for him again in 2020 if people like Clinton keep representing the Democrats).


Many voted for Trump because he presented himself as the candidate who would deal with immigration the way the majority of American voters want their leaders to handle it.

We’ve known that the establishment Republican Party left us a long time ago. Given donors like the Koch brothers, Shelden Adelson and the Chamber of Commerce who prioritize cheap labor far above the welfare of American citizen working classes; it wasn’t hard for many voters to shift their allegiances away from the original favorite candidates like Jeb Bush, et al, who all favored some form of amnesty for the illegals. Those donors are the vanguard of the never-Trump wing of the party which has attacked Trump and subverted his agenda from Day 1. David French should be seen for what he is: a never-Trump lackey who is just part of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Many of us continue to support Trump because though his performance to date is deeply flawed, he still represents to us the best opportunity to deal with immigration the way that most of the electorate wants it dealt with. Because we know that if Trump gets removed, whether he is forced out of office or loses the 2020 election, the candidates we will be presented with will not at all represent what we want done about the immigrants. This is why his approval rate remains stubbornly high through everything that has happened so far. Because we have had enough of the current state of immigration.

Most of us aren’t against all immigration; we just want the illegals shut off and we want reforms of legal immigration. But apparently that is too much to ask of the never-Trump wing that can’t see past its requirement for cheap labor. Since the never-Trump’ers can’t break us down due to our desire for real immigration reform, they’re using lackeys like David French to try to break the evangelicals away from Trump. Did Trump commit adultery? I have no doubt he did. But I won’t let that sin get in the way of the greater picture which is that Trump represents our desire to put limits on immigration.

That’s Flynt’s view of things. One could say the same things about Catholics nowadays, of course.

You may see that, but you efforts at mind-reading fail; your claim is repugnant.

Mr French, Republican and conservative:

Soon enough, the “need” to defend Trump will pass. He’ll be gone from the American scene. Then, you’ll stand in the wreckage of your own reputation and ask yourself, “Was it worth it?” The answer will be as clear then as it should be clear now. It’s not, and it never was

Maybe. But it might be quite clear later. I think Mr. French is making some enormous assumptions about things he doesn’t know and can’t possibly know.

One definitely could…

I think he is calling attention to the Faustian bargain made by many Trump fans. It is what it is.

Kind of a remarkable statement from one who is very quick to condemn others for allegedly making judgments. So Trump is the devil and his followers are selling their souls to the devil. Your words, of course, not his.

Harsh. But not terribly odd for a liberal.

And wrong, of course. Faust’s bargain was for satisfaction in stasis. Stasis is exactly what Trump’s supporters voted against.

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Agree on the often seemingly superficial, self-centered and downright inaccurate interpretation of the exercise of Christian faith by many modern day Evangelicals - from right to left on the political spectrum. I am not sure how much of this to blame on Trump. David French always seems to me to have a few (really key) screws loose. This happens to me with Evangelicals a lot. I am perfectly capable of supporting Trump and rejecting his ‘unChristian’ elements. He has been fantastic for Christians in this country. This NeverTrump divide has exposed the hysteria and lunacy on the far right (as mirrored on the left) - and, again, I am not criticizing Trump as the enemy of the common good, the middle road or Christian faith here - quite the contrary. I am thankful Trump saved us from the likes of David French and Hillary Clinton. I want to give credit to the Evangelicals who are with Trump.

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And your mind-reading skills?

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