Open letter from a Catholic priest

Great! May God bless his ministry.

good homily on that site

Nice response. Personal and clear.

I recall a similar response in a local paper a few years ago where a local Catholic bookstore owner, in charity and with much clarity, countered an article disparaging the Church by a protestant. I recall the response addressing the original author’s attacks/misperceptions as well as bring up the many joys encountered in his life through his Catholic faith.

I would think bishops in their capacities as teachers of their sees could be effective with similar out reach/clarification:cool: efforts to the public as this priest has done.

I really like this. I hope he gets a ton of sincere inquirers.

I would also point out that one thing that generally makes a positive impression on n-Cs/a-Cs is when a Catholic can make this kind of personal expression of their conversion and journey of faith.

You don’t have to be super eloquent, or engage in apologetics, or homiletics to make this effective, and the first step in to simply sit down and prayerfully write it out…then read it objectively and polish/edit as needed and then be prepared to share it with anyone who may ask…

Example: My Testimony

Oh…and expect the Holy Spirit to open those windows of opportunity for that…because I can assure you that He will. :slight_smile:

We need more men, both Catholic and nonCatholic, who can express our faith the way he does. Warm, loving, humble, faithful.


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