Open to Life?

This article hit the news today (or I just saw it) and I am wondering about the implications in the Catholic Faith.

[FONT=“Book Antiqua”]South African doctor invents female condoms with ‘teeth’ to fight rape

I am a committed Catholic and I believe the Church will guide me. At first read this is a great thing…however in reflecting on our faith I wonder if it really is?

Your Thoughts???[/FONT]

I agree with the folks in the article who are against it.

  1. It reminds women they are vulnerable.

  2. A man is more likely to go back and finish the job after.

The inventor also said; *“The ideal situation would be for a woman to wear this when she’s going out on some kind of blind date … or to an area she’s not comfortable with,” *

This doesn’t help women attacked at random. At all.

I don’t think this does much to solve the issue. What really needs more teeth? Laws against rapists. Two years in prison (and that’s in Canada) isn’t enough if someone is charged with sexual assault.

After reading the article, I would like to state that this is not an ideal solution because it isn’t really a solution so much as a way of helping woman fight back. Furthermore, as noted previously, the psychological damage and other factors involved with sexual assaults remain unchanged. This device doesn’t really prevent attacks (directly - I understand the argument for the ‘deterrent’ method as an indirect prevention), and I’m sure a serious criminal could find a way around it.

That being said, I think that if a woman finds herself in that situation, it will be much better if she has it on so that the person can be properly ‘tagged’ for identification and arrest. Furthermore, I would like to think that because the device does not function as a contraceptive device, the Church would not declare it sinful.

Again, just because it isn’t sinful doesn’t make it a good idea, but in a worst-case scenario, I think better this than nothing.

All it will do is give the women wearing them a false sense of security which will result in them taking risks they wouldn’t have otherwise. I also foresee them been used by women to get back at men they are in a relationship with to get revenge for one reason or another.

And I don’t have any statistics to back this up but the overall impression I get from reading the news is that most rapes don’t happen when women expect it to.

Thirdly, handguns are much more effective and also protect women from been robbed or killed as well.

Handguns are illegal in Canada and Chicago.

Wearing a condom with teeth as a preventative against rape has nothing at all whatsoever to do with being open to life imoho. We are called to be open to life within the context of the marriage bed, and when relations are consensual. There is no merit at all at being open to life in a rape situation. So this condom as protection against rape isn’t a factor in being open to life for me. We are not called to be open to life in a rape situation. Women have the right to defend themselves against forced relations and forced pregnancies. That said…

As for the device itself, I think there’s a time and a place for almost everything.

Certainly, where I am from, here in the U.S., I would not recommend this as a way to prevent or deter rapes, or crimes against women. IMOHO if a woman is out on a date with a man, and she feels it is necessary to wear a female condom with teeth in case he rapes her, then she should not be out with this man at all. Certainly, while one is getting to know a man, she should not be trusting him until she gets to know him, so public places are a good start to establish relationships. IMOHO, a woman should not be completely alone with a man until she is comfortable trusting him, and again IMOHO that should take a while. Call me old fashioned, but I call it prudent.

However, in places where woman feel the constant threat of rape, and feel like they’re living in a warzone because rape is so prevalent, I feel it might give them some empowerment and a bit of independence. Yes, a woman is still at risk of suffering the trauma associated with being attacked, but the benefit of this device is that man will be “punished” for it and have to seek medical intervention to release the jaws — in addition, he will not be able to avoid being disciplined according to the law because he will be implicated by the evidence of the jaws clamped on him. So it does have it’s benefits.

In addition, it is common for rape victims to be scared out of their wits go even leave their home. This little contraption might give them a bit of confidence during the healing process, and make them feel less vunerable. But I’m not a psychologist, nor do I pretend to be, so I’d have to talk to a counseler about that one.

One can’t deny though, that this device could encite a whole lot of anger in that rapist as well, and he may severely injure and/or kill the victim in a rage in addition to the initial assault. Are we really sure this device will incapacitate the man instead of giving him an adrenalin rush? I’m not so sure, especially if the man is taking drugs. If it truly does incapacitate them momentarily, making them unable to walk, then I think this would be a good tool in those “warzones”.

And then, if men knew women were wearing these devices in said ‘warzones’, they could simply remove it while overpowering the woman, as they do anyway in these assaults.

A means to deter men has to be devised in which the man knows it’s being used, but can’t remove the apparatus. Like…having a date in a public place in separate cars. By going out in groups, by having security walk you to your car after work, by meeting at a party and not uhh, going into closets, bathrooms and bedrooms with potential “boyfriends”, etc.

Sorry people, but I’m all for prevention and I don’t think the current laws in any country do justice to women. I’m all for lobbying for straight out castration for men found guilty of rape. IMOHO, if one knows dire consequences will result from certain actions, they will think twice about doing it.

I don’t think wearing this device is a sin if a woman’s intention is to protect herself from a rape, but unless she’s living in a war zone and feels she needs to wear this thing every time she leaves the house, I’m wondering why she is going where ever she is going to need it. But I do think is more than just wrong or immoral is that a woman feels she needs to wear this thing every time she leaves her home in order to feel safe. That’s what’s’ wrong.

That’s what concerns me about the article. The doctor created this device because rape is so common where she intended to use the device. Isn’t that crazy? To feel like you’re going to be raped at any time, any place, and to feel vulnerable all the time.

Yup! I agree :slight_smile: They’re legal where I live!

Chicago has high crime if I remember rightly to, so just avoid Chicago altogether.

It’s not that bad AF :slight_smile: I was born and raised in Chicago within walking distance of Loyola University’s lakeshore campus…I didn’t feel the need to wear this implement - nor did I feel the need to carry a gun. Now, if I were afraid of being raped every time I walked out of the house, I might.

I wonder who the guy was that tested this product to make sure it worked before it went to market…

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