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My first son and only child is 15 months old. I have felt since about the 7 month of my pregnancy that he is destined for the priesthood. If he were to become a priest, I would be delighted.

Obviously it will be many years, perhaps decades, before his vocation becomes clear, but I would like to know how I might open the door for him in this secular, marriage/sex-centered world. Any suggestions would be helpful.


Yes, right away give him over to the Blessed Virgin and ask that he be given the gift of a vocation. If God wills it, he will be given it.

I highly recommend you read the Bible with him, and read Saint stories or watch videos on the Saints. See about having him be an altar server. Involve him much in the Church, where he will be around Priests and hopefully Religious. :slight_smile:

And most important – encourage frequent confession, Mass and Adoration. Try to take him to Masses that are done very reverently and with much silence.


Consecrate him to Jesus and Mary? and when he is older, maybe encourage him to read the writings of the Saints :) that way if it's God's will for him to be a priest, he will be more open, and if not, then he will still grow in his faith and as a Catholic :)


OT You’re St Gemma quote is great /OT

I agree with your post :thumbsup:


possibly home school your son if you can…I know of many seminarians who were home schooled, if not send him to a Catholic school as well as the great suggestions mentioned by users above me^^^^. God Bless!


That’s an excellent recommendation. Homeschooling or a solid Catholic school. If you go with a Catholic school, be prepared to make sure they are teaching correctly, as I know a Mother that was very involved and had to switch her children’s schools a bit to make sure they were being taught the Faith correctly.


Hi K8e (love your handle the way - katie :slight_smile: )

I think it is wonderful that you would like your son to become a priest. However, be open to the fact that the Lord may be calling him to the vocation of marriage. During my discernment I have met many young women on come and sees who are visiting communities out of what they feel is a pressure from their parents to consider the call to religious life.

As the others say, I think entrusting him to Our Lady would be plenty and of course making sure he has a very well rounded education.

Prayers for you.

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