Openly gay boys in the Boy Scouts and the Pope's recent message concernig gay clergy

More specifically the Pope’s insistence that gays be treated with dignity and respect, and that they not be marginalized, causes me to believe that the Vatican would now support openly gay boys to be able to take part in the Boy Scouts. OTOH, here’s a link to a Vatican document that suggests that the Vatican is against openly gay boys joining the Boy Scouts: I started a thread several months back on this topic, but that was before Pope Francis’ recent statements. There now seems to be a fair amount of ambiguity between the Pope’s statements and the above official Vatican document, and I was wondering if anybody could help clarify this to me.

Here’s a link to the original thread:

Do you think the Pope suddenly changes Church pastoral care and teachings on an airplane ride?

Are you suggesting that the Pope’s comments are unwarranted and insignificant? .Please enlighten me.

Exactly. The problem with the mainstream media is that it employs the fine art of ‘cherry picking’ quotes to support its own premises, rather than actually reporting the entirety of what is said.

Pope Francis, God bless him, has said NOTHING which contradicts the Church’s teaching as stated by everyone from Pope St. Peter through Benedict XVI.

Bottom line: Pay no attention to the cranks behind the veil, but instead to the Magisterium, the catechism, Scripture and Sacred Tradition. I’m not saying that there is no modern news that is trustworthy (though again, I don’t think mainstream media news has an understanding about news itself, let alone ‘religion’ news), but I am saying don’t be led astray by those who want to tell you, not what the Pope has said, but what they (too often erroneously) think he meant.

Don’t believe anything you read or hear, in the media, get the real facts!, God Bless, Memaw

Does the Church say we should marginalize homosexuals? Not according to the Catechism.

What exactly did Pope Francis say that was ambiguous or not in line with that CDF document?

Jimmy Akin shed some light on Pope Francis’ remarks that cuts through a lot of the media confusion:

7 things you need to know about what Pope Francis said about gays

Homosexual actions are a serious sins, just like adultery, fornication and artificial birth control and we are to recognize that. The problem today is that homosexuals want to be able to force their actions on society as a “normal” thing to do and it is not. Our young boys are being deliberately subjected to accept something that is gravely sinful by those who are doing everything in their power to make what they do acceptable to our youngsters. Do you think they are going to stop with just the boys in Scouts. Before long they will be running the whole show!!! My son’s were proudly in the Scouts, but all of them object to whats happening to the Scout program now. The Pope is against lobbying for evil and that’s just what they are doing. God Bless, Memaw.

Forgive me for saying this but: Boy scouts have absolutely nothing to do with the church. The boy scouts are a secular movement. The origins of the boy scouts are the same as those of the Hitler youth movement. What is this post doing on this site?

Isn’t the CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH document marginalizing gays?

Just what do you mean by marginalizing???

How is something inspired by the Holy Spirit marginalizing? What parts do you disagree with?

I don’t necessarily disagree with any of it. I was just asking a question out of curiosity. It would seem to me that forbidding an openly gay boy from the Boy Scouts is marginalizing. Who are we to judge such a boy?

If not allowing gay clergy into the Church is considered marginalizing by the Pope, why would things be any different for gay boys in BSA? If Pope Francis asks who he is to question the integrity of gay clergy, then who are we to question the integrity of gay boys in BSA?

That’s a rather odd contention and the implied comparision of Baden-Powell to Adolf Hitler seems a bit off. I wouldn’t entirely agree with Baden-Powell who was something of an imperialist but saying his movement’s origins are the same as the Hitler Jugend seems a wee bit off.

The category of this is the same has for habitual sin. You will note the handling is the same as for anyone who is afflicted with capital sin(conditions notwithstanding of course. see Encyclopedia/Sin).

The treatment for such an affliction is the same. Avoidance of occasions,influences on others, deviation of habits to positive activity, maintaining distance from them(OT Bks Wisdom),change of mindset to determination to rid oneself of such a condition,etc. Remedies are prayer, devotions,etc all which has already been repeated.


I am saying his remarks do not change anything.

I still don’t see any discrepancy between the CDF document and Pope Francis’ comments. I find it curious that anyone could see his comments as some sort of departure from previously established statements from the Holy See.

I also think the new Boy Scout policy need not be interpreted as being in conflict with Catholic teaching.

I do question the use of the phrase “openly gay.” That terminology does not appear in either the CDF document, Pope Francis’ remarks, or the new Boy Scout policy. To me, the phrase “openly gay” is ambiguous at best. Many people associate the term with those who actively engage in homosexual acts. Now, the phrase need not be interpreted that way. But I find it better to be less ambiguous and more precise – which is why you don’t see the term used in the aforementioned documents.

Do we all agree that gay people ought to not be marginalized?

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