Operation Storm Heaven

This is a very praise worthy endeavour that Cardinal Burke is calling on us to join. Instead of complaining all the time we can actually accomplish something through a multitude of prayers catholicaction.org/take_heaven_by_storm

Said my rosary in union with Cardinal Burke’s intention, and now e-mailing all my friends.

Praying with all.

Under this intention:

To obtain the graces necessary to stop abortion, stop the onslaught of the homosexual revolution, to overturn legalized same-sex marriage, to stop the spread of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, and to stop the culture of death in all its forms and establish the Culture of Life in all souls, in all minds and in all hearts;

I notice that ending the death penalty is not mentioned. I find this strange given the Holy Father’s statements regarding the evil of the death penalty.

While ending the death penalty can be a good thing, it is not intrinsically evil. Abortion, euthanasia, same sex acts are intrinsically evil and hold greater weight. Not sure if thats why its not added but just adding my 2 cents. I like the idea and love Cardinal Burke.

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