Opinion: Is Brett Kavanaugh right that he can no longer coach girls basketball?


From the article:

But credibly accused sex offenders should not coach youth basketball, girls or boys, without deeper investigation. Can’t we all agree on that?

I don’t see how anybody who believes Ford can disagree with this.


It seems like any coaching can be suspect these days. A man coaching girls basketball is a potential problem … but so is a woman coaching girls or a man coaching boys. How can you avoid the risk of being accused, falsely or otherwise? Maybe all coaches will have to make sure there are other adults, assistants, around to provide witness back up and make sure to never be alone with the teenagers ever. Chaperones, separate transportation, documentation.

Maybe there will be a return to single sex dorms at colleges and rules about parties and drinking, enforced by “house mothers” and “house fathers” at fraternities and sororities.


I don’t believe the accuser who was drunk at the time and believe he should not lose his coaching status. You should have to be proven guilty in a criminal court. How ridiculous.


Having accusations made is often enough, no need for a conviction.

While there is legit abuse, some kids also know their power and do make false accusations about what someone says or that they were touched inappropriately.

Working in pairs with kids is the best defense, but not always possible to maintain throughout the whole period of engagement.


Don’t worry guys. This isn’t a trial. It’s just a job interview. The only thing that could happen to Bret Kavanaugh is he spends the rest of his career on a Federal bench. No one would ever seriously suggest he lose his job or have any other adverse consequences in his life, like be labeled as a sexual predator and forced out of coaching youth basketball. All we are saying is believe women.


Women could by confused by the influence of alcohol.


Tongue in cheek,right?


Sure, he’s only been accused of a series of sexual assaults. If the Senate affirms the charges by not confirming him, he’ll just be a sexual predator appellate judge. Really? If they believe these charges, they will file for impeachment.


Completely tongue in cheek. Just using the arguments put forward here on this forum that acussing someone of serious crimes with no evidence would have no real adverse effect on that person’s life.

I am sure he deserves it regardless, being an Originalist and a white man who was in a fraternity. Unforgivable.


You can’t. At most you can reduce the opportunities that could be presented as evidence of such interactions.

Not a bad idea. According to some of my female friends during certain medical procedures a second person must be present (and must be a woman) for the same reasons.

Single sex or single gender?

This might be from having friends that have experienced sexual abuse, but an accusation would motivate me to increase the amount of caution that I take. Is that fair to the adult who might be negatively effected by the actions I might take? That may be the topic of debate. But even if the decided answer were “no” the overriding concern for the safety of the child would have overriding priority.

That said, I also recognize how extreme such responses can be. I remember the Day-Care Sex-Abuse scare of the 1980s. In these cases a day car facility might be accused of sexual abuse and satanic rituals in their basements. A quick investigation would show these stories untrue (ex: the day care facility has no basement). There are some ugly stories from that time. (this might have been an extension of the Satanic Panic though).


So you agree with the author?


When will he have time. From what I’ve seen, Supreme Court Justices work long long hours.


Do I agree there are more vigilant people across the nation on who coaches or trains children?

Yes. As there have been a number of sexual abuse scandals that have come to light in recent years and months.


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