Opinion | Kevin Hart’s homophobia caught up with him. Is losing the Oscars


Behold…Rich white people keeping a black man down…


In Real Life, when a child comes out, parents have a wide variety of responses.
Some helpfu, some harmful.
But very few parents actually hope for their child to turn out gay.
Kevin Hart is hardly extremist.


The SJW’s protested the firing of James Gunn over his old tweets that leaned toward pedophilia, but were okay with Hart getting the heave ho. This is a good snapshot of the current SJW hierarchy. It does appear that gays and pedos now take precedence over blacks.


Worth repeating.


Yeah, Kevin Hart is getting blasted for saying what probably 99.9% of dads think. Really, what dad has ever said to themselves, “Man, I really hope my son is homosexual. That would be great!”

It doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love your child if they did come out. But no dad is ambivalent about that. If you are you are probably a bit of a weirdo on par with parents who label their child’s sex as “X” on the birth certificate.


Talking about breaking toys over your son’s head seems extreme to me. If that makes me an “SJW,” so be it.


I never saw the routine, but I prolly would have chalked it up to hyperbole like comedians are wont to do, rather than discussing an actual action plan to reverse homosexuality.


This is why a lot of people kind of agree when Trump calls the media “the enemy of the people”. Some guy hits the pinnacle of his career and the media’s first instinct is to scour his Twitter feed for something that could embarrass him. Way to be classy USAToday…


People are so pathetically small and petty. Demanding that a man apologize for something he said as a 15yr old between friends lol. Comments they found after combing through 6 years of tweets. These people would absolutely implode if they heard a typical conversation between a group of 15yr old boys.

What a strange world they must live in to think a bunch of teenage boys act like the Little Sisters of the Poor. “Oh Steve that shirt looks great on you, it really brings out your eyes!” “Thanks Kyle, you were really great today at backyard football. Don’t worry about all those passes you dropped, I’m sure you will catch the winning touchdown next time!” Get real…

It’s sad that Murray apologized. Should have said, “So what”.


15 year old boys and the Sisters of the Poor don’t mix very well. Even if the boys are Catholics.

Again, the bigger picture: gays now take precedence over blacks. First Hart, now Murray. Most blacks can’t be feeling too good about that. Welcome to the club, I say. One more: being the Oscars host is becoming a more and more thankless gig. The producers are going to have to rethink the show, maybe reinvent it. And that on perilously short notice.


I once had a former he break up with me over a refusal to “explain” or apologize for a years old MySpace post. Getting worked up over old tweets or other old content is inane unless it matches one’s current character.

I think he should have refused to apologize


The only winning strategy is to refuse to apologize. They smell blood in the water if you show any weakness.


Never admit you’ve grown up? Not a good life plan.


I don’t think I’d have any time left to sleep if I had to apologize for everything I’ve said in my life that is no longer considered correct.


Hart and Murray both did that. It didn’t quiet the baying mob.


Now you can see the dark days that are coming for Catholics…(and all Christians) who express views opposing homosexuality…it won’t matter if it’s just against practicing homosexuality…same sex marriage…etc…any Christian who voices their opposition will be branded a homophobe…a bible basher…unChristian…a hateful bigot…this is over something this person said years ago as a 15 year old…look what happened…Christianity is under attack…not just by those who are anti-Christian…but even lukewarm Christians who have been seduced by the “God is love” hype that precludes any form of judgement for ones actions…


I dont think that is being suggested.

I myself have apologized to people later in life when I’ve re-evaluated past actions and have found myself to be at fault. Apologies can be part of righting a wrong and strengthening a connection.

This makes me think of an image I saw from a lesson teaching Kindergarten students about apologies.


Not exactly. If it doesn’t reflect who one is now, then a forced apology is worthless.


If it truly doesn’t reflect who one is now, then the apology would be from the heart, not "forced "


I suppose it is a matter of perspective. Apologies are for the one(s) wronged. Example, if I bullied someone in high school I’d apologize if I meet them as an adult because I specifically wronged them with a specific action.
OTOH, if a years old statement makes one offended today, then no that doesn’t deserve an apology. It is too disconnected from the present day and borders on the “offended” party looking for something to be offended by.

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