Opinion on music with bad lyrics

Just a quick question whats your opinion on music that seems to have a cool beat that everyone seems to listen to and think is cool but has bad lyrics ( example: any gangsta rap or a rock song like AC/DC’s Highway to Hell) Do you think it will effect our way of thinking? ( aka draw us away from our christian faith)I’d appreciate your input on this.

I love AC/DC! The lyrics are stupid in the extreme, but the music is great. I’m 56, and about as firm in my faith as you can get, but I am practically immune to advertising and not easily persuaded.

It depends on the amount of bad lyrics. For example I’ll listen to some Green Day, Sublime, Eagles, ACDC, Guns-N-Rose’s…and some of the songs I like may have one or two unacceptable words. So if I’m singing along I will change those words.

Some of the songs though, go way over board in the number of bad words and it would be impossible to change them all and I don’t listen to those songs because I don’t enjoy listening to those songs…

2nd Timothy Chapter 2:16

Avoid profane, idle talk, for such people will become more and more godless

In general, no. I usually won’t support artists who insert bad lyrics in their music (especially if they use God’s name in vain).

If it is a Christian band that may imply OSAS or something similar, I usually skip the song. It won’t affect my faith, but I still don’t want to hear heretical ideas.

How much time would listening to bad lyrics add to our time in purgatory? I know I already have enough garbage that needs to be purged, so I try to avoid the bad lyrics. Sometimes, though, it is hard to avoid the catchy tunes. :dancing:

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