Opinion on the Green Scapular?


There’s no mention of this scapular on the main site, and only five topics popped up for me when I typed in the title (so, not very popular here).

I got to a Catholic store today and got a green and brown one, and I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to wear the green scapular for myself. I can’t find much information on it, only that it’s used to aid in conversions and that some healings are attributed to its use. I feel particularly drawn to it, though, but am wondering if it’s best served being saved for someone else.


It’s usually used to convert others to the faith or to bring back people who have fallen away, but it also has been used to heal people mentally or physically or to provide wisdom in dangerous situations.
It is fine to wear it for yourself.


Personally, I think the entire idea of the Green Scapular is nonsense.

I remember the nuns selling the brown and green scapulars when I was in Catholic School back in the 1950’s.

The brown guaranteed a direct entry into Heaven while the Green would only get you into Purgatory. Of course the Brown Scapular was more expensive than the Green Scapular.

Yeah, that’s the way it was taught.

The Brown Scapular isn’t a trinket to be used superstitiously, but to lead one toward a devotion to the Blessed Mother.



It would be nice if you were respectful of other Catholics’ devotions just like you expect them to constantly be respectful of yours and complain when they are not.

Calling an approved devotional “nonsense” is over the line. If you don’t want to use it, then don’t, but don’t insult it.

By the way, I have never heard anybody, nuns or otherwise, discuss scapulars in the way you describe.


Sorry that my experience and expression don’t line up with your ideology.

I really need to leave CAF



The Church (at the highest level, Popes) have approved the green scapular. Approval should be good enough for any Catholic to accept as a legitimate sacramental, even if you don’t use it yourself.


The brown scapular won’t take you straight into Heaven:

It is the promise piously to be believed, that the Blessed Virgin Mary gave to Pope John XXII in a vision, that She will deliver Her faithful children who have worn the Scapular devoutly from purgatory soon after their death, notably the first Saturday after death. “As a tender Mother, I will descend into purgatory on the Saturday after their death, and will deliver them into the heavenly mansions of life everlasting.” (Words of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Pope John XXII). This Sabbatine Privilege was promulgated and taught through the famous Bull Sacratissimo Uti Culmine (Sabbatine Bull) of Pope John XXII in 1322 and given definitive ratification in 1908 by the Holy See.


I know the Green Scapular is for healing, mentally and physically, as well as Conversions and I myself wear one.
I wore a Brown Scapular as a 6 or 7 year old but didn’t have much comprehension of what it was.
I stopped wearing a Scapular for years and just got into it again.
I didn’t go back to the Brown Scapular because I wasn’t sure about the enrollment thing and honestly, I think the Green one is for me at this point. I struggle with mental health and some physical ailments and as a Catholic who’s trying to be a lot better than she was just several months ago, help with my faith and “reconversion” if you will is always awesome.
I think I may have gone into it out of fear and superstition in a way which is bad but I’ve actually come to like wearing it. I like asking for Mary’s Immaculate Heart to pray for us and I just need to work on getting the confidence thing up to snuff to really receive more graces!

I’d say go for wearing it if the Green Scapular resonates with you :slight_smile:


My opinion of the Green Scapular is that it is not a scapular


I’ve read JimR-OCDS’s posts. I think his posts often are firm, honest and good. Maybe he erred here but I would not want him to feel downcast. I often don’t agree with he says (and I do assume “he”). If one is honest and respectful, I can’t ask for much more in a conversation even if I may not see the issue the same way.

But back to the Green Scapular, do people go in Catholic book and merchandise stores? I think I have seen the green scapular patch as a single item one can attach to the scapular of Mount Carmel. I found green scapular info on a quick search very quickly. I also have seen them in the stores. So, I know, it must have somewhat of a following. I would first read up on it rather than give a rash answer.


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