Opinion | Why Are Democrats Defending Al Sharpton?

Even the New York Times has figured out that making Al Sharpton, and “AOC and the Squad” the face of your party is a losing strategy.

Its getting more challenging to answer the question of this thread. IMO The Dems and Sharpton are so related that even family quarrels don’t matter - its a cult or gang mentality. The elders that followed the Rev King back in the day - did not keep the messages he put out. They acquired an anger that worked against the Rev King goals and as we know, Satan jumps right in so that hate grows and the actions spread. “Screwtape to Wormwood” - use their hurt pride and ill treatment to hold them back, they will demand the rewards of respect for themselves and others - the others won’t meet the level they desire and now they have more hate. Good work".
Not all the close up followers of Dr. King became this way but several did and were embedded in the Democrat Party. People that were not so closed off have left the Democrat Party because they learned how it was not the path to follow. Tumultous times at present have caused people to pause, see the efforts and money that were wasted by corrupt politicians, look around to see how and who
are these people. Some “leaders” were false - through and through.

Here have a laugh…

You could replace “Dems” with “Republicans” and “Sharpton” with “Trump” and you would see a real cult or gang mentality!

This reply is very offensive and I flagged it.

Woah, this is the equivalent of saying not as despicable as Democrats defending Obama. What?

Relax, I never ever have thought any president wants the worst for America. Ever, and I have disliked some. But I always say, they do love the country, and they see America differently than me, that is all.

do you realize the godless society that the current democratic contenders will usher in?

for as bad as trump is, he is at least picking judges that will enable Christians to worship as they want for generations.

is a godless society what you desire?

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