opinions needed


what would you think of this missal, in comparison with the baronius press daily missal:

The baronius one is double the price for what seems like the same item. i am inclined to spend the extra on the baronius as i have their DR bible too, but, does anybody have this missal, or the baronius one, and can comment either way on their usefulness and anything else you may feel about them!


I’d be interested to know if the one you linked is the 1962 edition of the missal. If it isn’t – and there are a lot of public domain missals out there that aren’t the 1962 missal from which publishers can reproduce freely (and cheaply) – it likely wouldn’t be as useful as the new Baronius missal (I’m assuming you’re talking about the to-be-published motu proprio edition of the 1962 missal).



yeah thats the one I meant. I think its similar to Baronius’ original missal, but with the MP added at the front, the same way their DR bible contains the encyclicals.(SP?)

This one i linked, i think, is a 1962 missal, yes. Im sure it says it on its description. it has prayers too, so serves as both the missal and a prayer book. its tempting but ill hold out for the Baronius, as i know i can trust them :slight_smile:



It really comes down to what your needs are. The Baronius Press Missal is a daily missal and has readings and propers for the whole liturgical year. The Blessed Be God book only has Sundays and Holydays. However, the BBG book fills its remaining pages with wonderful devotions and litanies.

So, do you plan to spend your daily prayer time at TLM’s or privately in prayer?


thanks windmill,

your opinion has really helped. As for your question, I plan to spend my time privately praying on my own, (as i do now) as there is not a daily TLM near me. (The nearest is a sunday low mass 20 miles or so away) So the cheapest choice would be the BBG book.

But I feel I can pray privately each day, as I do now, but use the daily missal to read the daily gospel and meditate on my own, day by day. I dont know if anybody else uses it for this? Can I use it this way? Theres nothing against this is there? The daily missal seems to be a great daily prayer aid if you ask me.



If you do the Daily Missal, then I’d highly recommend this book, Divine Intimacy, which has very powerful reflections on the daily readings of the 1962 Missal. It’s a lot like In Conversation With God, which is according to the new cycle of readings.

FWIW, I got a St. Joseph’s Missal with the same intentions as you have - to read the daily readings. For me, it ended up not being the same as going to a Mass, and I quickly fell out of practice. So, knowing what I know, I would have gone with the BBG book.

Everyone’s different.


I like Windmill’s rationale for going with Blessed Be God. Makes complete sense if you’re looking for a one-volume missal and prayer book and you’re not going to be attending many Johannine masses.

I’m looking forward to the Baronius missal (I preordered it a few weeks ago) primarily as an addition to my library for actual use (at a Johannine mass) rarely.

Another suggestion for prayer, Mattjolley, is the Liturgy of the Hours. There’s a manageable, very small version of it called Shorter Christian Prayer, which I use daily. (As for other versions of the LOTH, Christian Prayer is larger and more complete, and then there’s the actual 4-volume set of The Liturgy of the Hours which seems too difficult for most lay people to pray – although the ones that do are very blessed to be able to!)



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