Opinions on Homeshchooling


***I am looking for some opinions on homeschooling. My mother has been trying to get mo to do if for years. Does anybody have any opinions on this topic at all. ***


Just an opinion of a past homeschooler. I home schooled for four years my three children we had so much fun and they learned so much. My oldest son wanted to play football so I let him go knowing that high school is kind of tuff I was very reluctant. Well my son at 24 said to me not to long ago, Mom the worst mistake that I ever made was going to public school, the biggest downfall of my life I recall him saying and it has taken years for him to pick himself back up again.


Awful things sometimes happen to kids at public school!!

But then again, plenty of children are perfectly happy there.

Homeschooling demands a great deal of BOTH parents, but as long as you are smarter than your kids, then you are over-qualified for the job. One thing that is a real-world concern is whether your career(s) will provide income for the family to allow the homeschool environment/time to work out.

The primary Scripture that you’d probably go to for the topic is Deuteronomy 6:1-7. But there are plenty more for the principles of homeschooling. Gerry Matatics has some tapes on it.

I just read in the paper today that our governor, Phil Bredesen, is wanting to implement public pre-Kindergarden programs!! Wow, instead of waiting until they’re 5, they’ll be grabbing them while they’re 4 years old!

You’ve got an excellent opportunity (and responsiblilty) to bring up your children to be responsible, faithful, wise citizens. I sure want to make the most of that one chance with my children if the Lord brings those blessings into my life.


Home schooling mom here:wave: .(Nine year old daughter)

My husband and I are quite laid back. When I first started I used a set Catholic curriculm and put alot of pressure on my daughter to get everything done. We had to mail her tests in. This became way too frustrating. Now I use a curriculm I designed myself, ordering from different catalogs (90% Catholic) and even using a text I picked up at a thrift store.

At first I think most mom’s feel pressure to get their kids gets to perform to prove to doubters that they’re not going to be screwed up. I finally realized when my daughter is developementaly ready to accept a concept it clicks. I do work about 20 hours a week. My husband works afternoons. So he does half her subjects in the late morning and I do the second in the evening after dinner.

Some people say it’s expensive, and I suppose it can be depending on your approach. I utilize the library and thrift stores quite a bit for reading/study material. Also my daughter can wear hand me downs from a friend without worrying about being teased for not having the latest style and brand new school clothes (that saves alot).

Definately get involved in a support group. I don’t have alot of time to attend meetings but I do belong to a yahoo group of homeschoolers online in my area.

Any specific question, feel free to ask.


I homeschooled my 2 older children and God willing, will homeschool my youngest, age 3, when ready. I homeschooled one through the 6th grade and one through the 4th grade. I feel it really gave us great opportunities as well as time just to be kids. I did not homeschool to academically accelerate my kids (although they both are now at the top of their classes) but I did it so they could just spend more time playing and being kids, looking a spider spin its web, talk about God, so many things that can just get pushed aside when too busy.

It is work to homeschool your kids. Some think setting a few worksheets in front of them is homeschooling. If you want your kids to at least stay up, not to mention go past their age, you have to actually spend time on lessons, especially with the younger ages. But you usually do not have to spend from 9 - 3 doing school. (Those are the bad days for me as a homeschooler.) Today, both kids are happy, socially well adjusted and just nice kids. I would do it again in a heartbeat.


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