Opposite sex friends and near occassion of sin


I never had a problem having opposite sex friends. However, I have concerns regarding the flirting and I fear I might be in mortal sin. The most it has led to is ‘making out’ on one occassion. I highly doubt that it can reach the worst, however I am worried about trying to avoid near occassions of sin in terms of sexual type flirting and touching. I dont want to give up my friendships however I am worried that is what I should.

Any advice will be appreciated…


Are you married? If so, maybe this will help. I am, and I have this problem in a big way with one of my good female friends. I recently went to confession and received a bunch of Hail Marys as penance. I actually thought about why I received those, and it opened up my mind a little bit again about how I should view and treat my wife. Bottom line, I am not being reverent and am being disrespectful to her (and, really, disrespectful to the other person).

No idea if this helps. If you’re single, probably not. Though I would ask you, do you claim to respect yourself and the other people involved? When you flirt, what do you want it to lead to? If the answer is anything but a relationship, I think you are not showing respect for you, her, or for God. That said, while I have changed my mindset, I still cannot stop thinking about this other woman in non-sexual ways, which is a problem I don’t know how to solve.


Thank you for your response. I am single, female and I am not willing to form a relationship with any of those friends.


It’s not a sin but can lead to sin so it would probably be best to avoid being alone with that person. If you like their company, stay in groups, at least 3 people and do not spend time alone. Also, something we rarely do (or at least I’ve often omitted) tell them your faith commitment and your desire to avoid falling into things you do not believe would be right. That usually sort them out pretty fast.

Look for a young single’s group. There are lots of them and maybe your priest can help.


then put them a stop there, you dont wish for anything with them, so mark the limits.


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