Opposition to Pro-Abortion Health Care Could Topple Democrats in 2010

Washington, DC – With the battle over the pro-abortion health care bill in Congress turning into a partisan divide – as Democrats promoted it and Republicans stood unanimously in opposition – the fact that Americans strongly opposed the legislation could turn the 2010 mid-term elections into a thrashing of Democrats in November.


I think it is amusing how Republicans have set themselves up for a trap. By using such heated language about the health care bill, they can’t just sit by if elected to a position of power. Here is how I see the next few years playing out:

  1. They will run on repeal and replace (they have to in order to attract tea-party types)
  2. They will win a fair number of seats (people still won’t quite know what they think about health care bill)
  3. They will fail to accomplish any meaningful change to the legislation (they may draft some token replacement and get veto’d)
  4. Democrats will regain popularity in time for the presidential election by
    a. Pointing out Republican failure
    b. Taking credit for the soon-to-be popular health care bill
    c. Taking credit for the soon-to-be recovering economy
  5. Lo and behold, Obama has another majority in the house and senate for his second term.

I plan on laughing at the “O NOES, how did Obama win a second term!??!?!??” posts on this board in a few years

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