I’m a senior in high school and one of my possible career paths that I may choose to go down is costume design for film and theatre.
I’ve just been informed about a film project that is currently being worked on and is in need of technical assistants. I would like to apply.
The thing is, the film itself will contain “high levels of gore and violence, adult sexual content, and nudity”. It’s Shakespeare.
I don’t know a lot about the production or what it will look like, but I know that there is something in the CCC about nudity and sexuality being more acceptable in an artistic context. This is an independent film project, not a Hollywood blockbuster trying to sell sex. My guess would be that any or at least most inappropriate content has artistic merit.
I’m generally comfortable with gore/nudity just because of who I am as a person (it’s not that I see it that often - gore maybe, but not nudity - it’s just that it’s a part of life and you eventually have to learn to deal with it) and I’m sure my parents would be happier about the opportunity than they would be uncomfortable with the content.
I’m just looking for different points of view on the subject. I will take them into consideration alongside my own view on the subject. Thank you

Would you view this picture with you own mother beside you?

How about God’s mother?

Shakespeare is usually pretty tame but certainly has some adult content. Romeo and Juliet, for example, has some sexual humor, romantic balcony scenes, and sword/knife fighting. I would not be too concerned unless this production takes the sex and violence well beyond the normal interpretation.

Stay away from it. When I was in high school we had to READ Shakespeare. We were not required to “live” it. You will want to be remembered for quality work, not ****. Oh, how do you design a costume for a nude person, anyway?

The production can still have great artistic merit, even if the material is ‘challenging’. A production of Titus Andronicus, for example, could be needlessly graphic and awful, or it could be appropriately graphic and amazing. The same could be said of a production depicting events in the Old Testament, or the New Testament, for that matter.

Judge it on its artistic merits. Don’t discount it just because of gore or nudity.

I just had to come back and comment on this. You will see that one word in my post was censored. I don’t know if it was “automatic” or by an administrator, but I got the giggles because the word is not what you might think it to be and not “bad.” LOL!:slight_smile:

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