Oprah 'Bristles' at Bristol Palin's Abstinence Pledge

Oprah ‘Bristles’ at Bristol Palin’s Abstinence Pledge

Oprah Winfrey, the daytime television guru who encourages viewers daily by telling them they have the power to achieve any goal they might set for themselves, questioned Bristol Palin’s goal of abstaining from sex until marriage in a recent interview:
“In a Jan. 22 interview, Oprah criticized Bristol Palin, the teen daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, for recently telling In Touch Weekly that she was pledging abstinence until marriage. ‘I kind of bristled,’ Oprah began, ‘when I saw this—where you said, ‘I’m not going to have sex until I’m married. I can guarantee it’ … I’m just wondering if that is a realistic goal. I think teaching responsibility, teaching, ya know, a sense of judgment about it, but is that a realistic position?’”
Bristol was unmoved by Oprah’s questioning, saying that abstinence until marriage was a good goal for all young women to have.
“But when you make the statement … you don’t think you’re setting yourself up? Is that a realistic position?” Oprah pressed.


i guess Oprah would have “bristled” if Lance Armstrong came on her show after testicular cancer surgery & had said “I plan on winning 7 Tour de France races”, or if Blessed Mother Teresa had said; “I’m thinking of going to India to serve the poorest of the poor”, or if Jesus had said; “Behold, we are going up to Jerusalem; and the Son of man will be delivered to the chief priests and scribes, and they will condemn him to death” (Mt 20:18) i guess the ‘prophet’ Oprah would have said; "why set yourself up for failure???"

i have trouble taking advice from the guru Oprah, who sells the religion of “self-empowerment & self gratification & weight loss…” (even though she can’t keep the weight off with a personal trainer, a personal chef & unlimited assistants & wealth).

Why would someone so “wise” recommend we in the US should be more like Denmark? Doesn’t she know the Danes have an incredibly high suicide rate? Perhaps she should move to Copenhagen! (read this article about Denmark’s high suicide rate; springerlink.com/content/q21225j462178840/)

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Oh Oprah. Why couldn’t she just have been happy for the girl? Surely miss “new age” believes abstinence is better than NO abstinence??? Or maybe I’m wrong. :confused:

Oprah needs prayers. It’s a wonder she stayed on television for as long as she did. Sadly, I think the evil one was using her for harm.

I think it could be that Oprah, a product of the "tolerant’ generation, is actually extremely intolerant regarding the idea that people can try to avoid sin.

It’s oh-so-easy to be the one saying, "oh sweetie pie, we’ve all sinned, it’s all right, everybody else is doing it, you’re normal.’ Sex, of course, is supposedly the most ‘normal’ thing in the world. . .not only normal, but **necessary. **Why heavens above, if our teens aren’t out there having sex, how **ever **will they get to know themselves? if they aren’t having sex, if they are holding themselves up as ‘perfect’ and ‘better than you’ with their 'chastity, then they are probably doing sick things like abuse. Because ‘normal’ people are just, you know, normal; they do what they want sex-wise and so long as it’s ‘mutual’ it’s all good.

Yes, I imagine that Ms. Oprah is feeling a dim sense of ‘shame’. Here is a prime candidate for the 'oh sweetie, so you had a child out of wedlock, well, it’s all right, we aren’t judging you, we know how important sex is and next time use a condom". . .

And instead of falling on her knees to bless the dispenser of all wisdom, Bristol is saying, “Wait, sex before marriage is wrong. I know, I did it. . .and I was wrong. And I’m not going to do it again because it’s wrong.”

Horrors! This upstart ‘sinner’ is now projecting herself as better than Oprah. For rather than living in ‘protected’ sin with one’s ‘love’, Bristol is saying, "that would be wrong.’ How. . .unrealistic. If someone like Oprah can’t live such a chaste life, then surely Bristol can’t. . .and neither can anybody else.

IOW, “unrealistic” means “I can’t do it myself so neither can anybody else.”

I do not know the reasoning behind Oprah’s so-called ‘bristling’ at Bristol Palin’s abstinence pledge. However, in general people are a bit suspect of those who endorse something while doing the opposite - i.e. “do as I say, not as I do.”

Ok, she is a secular talk show host that encourages people to find their power within, and prays to a higher power-not usually mentioning God. The last time I saw her show (except for when Sarah Palin was on alone) she was young engages women to think twice before committing to something like marriage. How do you say “NEW AGE”?

I think it’s a noble goal, but it’s one that a person shouldn’t really broadcast. As a public person she just invited the world into her sex life. Every boyfriend she has will be looked at and interviewed and questioned and followed, etc. And it will be a spectacle. did he or didn’t she with each boyfriend she has. There are also a lot of jerks out there who are going to take it as a challenge to claim her virginity as a prize. Hopefully she has a handle on what is in store for her. I hope things go well for her.

Could it be that the talk show host was being extremely logical? Most kids fail abstinence pledges; that’s a fact.

So, it was not new age secularism or anything else on the mind of Ms. Winfrey. Perhaps it was the stark realism of statistics.

Maybe those kids who do fail abstinence pledges only have adults in their lives who will only see them as animals and then manage to convince them that that is all they are.

Huh? What kind of religious homes do you think stress abstinence pledges?

perhaps oprah still hasn’t come to terms with her past. so she doesn’t want to think that other kids would try to adhere to abstinence.

obviously after oprah’s teen pregnancy, she did not adhere to abstinence because she and steadman were an item for many, many years. unless, they were just friends putting up a front for the media and the public.,

Thats major* ad homine*m. I thought the thread was on an opinion, not Oprah’s past.

Perhaps one reason teens fail abstinence pledges and become pregnant is that so many adults–nearly all–tell them that such a goal is unrealistic.

Is that what gives a new ager fuel: Stark Realism of Statistics…Pure Facts? Oprah could have given her a pat on the back and said “good for you, Bristol!” But nope, the abstinence pledge will fail…it happens all the time. Oprah knows best, after all!

Oh please.

I just want one thing, one thing, to happen to Oprah that she cannot fix, cannot cope with, cannot explain! Then, Godwilling, she’ll surrender all she is to the One who created her to build up, not tear down! To praise, not insult!

Which is nothing more than a gospel of Defeat.

If young folks were taught that abstinence is a goal worth fighting for, and achievable, they might accept the challenge, rather than admitting defeat by KO before the bout even starts.

Apparently Bristol Palin was taught that abstinence was a noble goal, but she also apparently didn’t fight very hard to maintain it.

So she missed up. She has fessed up to her mistake, and is now trying to right her wrong. It is too bad that those who are so worldly will only try to point out her short comings instead of trying to help out. But what else can you expect from the left?

merely giving my theory as to why oprah “bristled”.

Yes, as you put it - ‘she fessed up to her mistake’. I would hope that Bristol treats her child as the end result of love, as opposed to the result of a mistake.

Bristol also must know that when she puts herself out there as a public figure that she is bound to have to endure some ridicule, especially when she herself did not adhere to what she is espousing. Politically speaking, that is not ‘right’ or ‘left’ - it is merely the reality of the situation she has placed herself in.

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