Oprah Denies Jesus Christ

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And…why do we care what she says?


Well, first off, she didn’t say that she “denies Jesus”. In fact, what she said is completely consistent with Catholic teaching insofar as the Church teaches that those who have not heard of Jesus but live a moral life can still be saved.

The heading of this thread is incredibly disingenuous, dishonest and shameful. I am no fan of Oprah (far be it) but she NEVER denies Jesus in this vid.


Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t watch it, as I never watch her.
Thanks again!!!
And yeah, I still don’t base my life on her teachings.
God bless you Deacon Jeff.

I agree. And cant believe I actually watched the video.

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Thanks for posting. It is always good to make it known which influential individuals actually follow Satan as opposed to Jesus. It allows others who are not familiar with her to be wary of her products and statements.

Except, you know, that’s not true.

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What in that vidoe gives you the idea that she follows Satan?

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i believe it is an old video before she had her OWN network and her Super Soul Sunday series. She seems to like to surround herself with people who help her feel okay without believing in Christianity. I think she has heard from many different types of people representing different faith beliefs and i am not sure where she is on her spiritual journey now. i don’t think she is someone who believes in organized religions.

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Super Soul Sunday? I guess I missed out on that also!

Um. . . . when was this filmed? The early 90’s

She says she wants to run for president … she has the money … she can afford it … so … WHO IS OPRAH?

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you mean the above video of ths Oprah show? maybe the late 80’s or 90’s.

Lookout Americans…Oprah might be running for President in 2020. :wink:

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