Oprah Magazine looking for pro-life pharmacy/pharmacist from NY, CT or NJ

My name is Mike Koelzer. I am a pharmacist and speaker for ProLifePharmacy.com.

Oprah Magazine would like to do a story on prolife pharmacies but in order for the reporter to do the story, her editors want “proof” that this is a “national story”/“national movement”. Their proof would be finding any pharmacies in NY, CT or NJ that are prolife.

If you know of any such pharmacies/pharmacists please email me at mike@prolifepharmacy.com asap.

Thank you and God bless!

Mike Koelzer, R.Ph.



Did you try Pharmacists for Life?


There was a Connecticut pharmacy that I was able to get the separate vaccines for childhood disease.


Thank you. I am one of the spokespersons for PFLI and they are checking but not sure if they’ll have success.

Thanks for the tip on the Connecticut pharmacy. I’ll check into that.

God bless!


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