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Did anyone hear about this new age religion that Oprah is supposed to be involved with? I just received an e-mail, and its supposed to be on the new radio waves. Somehow they are saying its turning the bible upside down. I dont know if anyone is familiar with this or is it just someone misunderstanding something?

Is it that book New Earth??? (I think that is the name of it)
I have heard bits and pieces of it. Guess I just knew when I heard about it that it wasn’t worth reading :smiley:
I think it is similar to one that was out a few years ago, (I forget that ones title also, something about Life, i think) it was put out by the mormon faith. Someone gave it to us for wedding gift, I threw it in the trash! Anyway, that book was a big top seller for about a year and now you never hear anything about it. My guess is this New Earth thing will be the same.

Sorry if I am misunderstanding you are you are talking about something different.

You know im really not sure. It called a course in miracles. The New age Christ, we are supposed of rethink things for ourselves or something, There is supposed be no devil, evil, no sin. Yeah right if this is true People are really not buying into this are they.

You’d be surprised how many are buying into the “Church of Oprah.” Recently around my work, one of our executives was touting the book and video ‘The Secret.’ I saw more than one employee accept this nonsense as if they’ve discovered something new and profound. Luckily, there are quite of few faithful Catholics there who find this all a bunch of hooey!

It makes me ill actually. Yes, I’ve heard all about it. :mad:


I am in shock. What are we supposed to do to stop this. So this is really true? If it is, what would motivate this woman to do this. She has all of this money, I guess its going back to another post i was talking on, is it power? Does she really think she can overpower God? Or am i blowing this all out of control?

We don’t have to do anything, like a “shooting star” they will burn themselves out naturally. The Messiah’s kingdom is not like that, because He is Truth, just like how 2+2=4.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but His words shall never pass away.

No, because she doesn’t understand who God actually is. It appears that she thinks God is simply some mystical power that she (anyone) can harnass and that anyone can have it within them (very New Age). This sounds appealing to the lost and lukewarm, and so they follow.

Pray for those who follow her, they’re following her down a VERY dangerous path. :frowning: Pray for her too, for she will not only answer for her own sins (as we all will) but for leading others away from God – a truly terrifying thing.

Take up arms! Graaasssspppp the spear. To ME my brothers!


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hope my model worked out we will see :shrug:

nope. it was supposed to be a sword. aw well :rolleyes:

Isn’t New Earth (New Earthism?) the belief that there’s an identical earth somewhere in the universe and in the future, some people will go to the “new” earth and others will stay here?

I wonder if the mod’s can give us an “Oprah” thread with all this info: lol

There are 3 active Oprah threads already:

on the book A New Earth

on the radio show about miracles

on last year’s The Secret

Clearly Oprah just keeps searching and searching and always winding up empty. Sad. sadder that she’s leading millions down this path with her. And even sadder still that she is doing this and claiming that it’s all ok with Christianity. I can’t tell you how many people have claimed that “Oprah says it’s ok with your religion” ARRRRRRRR

I certainly don’t want to lead anyone to this stuff, but if you want to fight it you need to be informed.

This is from Eckhart Tolle’s website:

Eckhart’s profound yet simple teachings have already helped countless people throughout the world find inner peace and greater fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the next step in human evolution. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This is a prerequisite not only for personal happiness but also for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our planet.

(source: eckharttolle.com/eckhart_biography))

You need look no further than the “testimonials” section to see that this is not of God.

You know i havent watched her for years, Then one day i put her on and she was talking like A HIGHER BEING. or something like that. I was thinking why didnt she just say Jesus or God. But i just blew it off. Then she kept talking about John and Tom all the time. Then it hit me Tom Cruise and John Travolta and i started thinking they are like these worship the star kind of nuts, or worship your car just worship anyhing kind of people and i thought no, its just me. I should have seen it back then. And we know anything new age etc is the devil. But why do they think hes so new anyway, the devil isnt new he is the same old evil destroy yourself devil we all know and hate. But what is terrible is i agree it will burn itself out, but how many inocent People are going to get buried in the process. But i swear when she first started out she always talked about God maybe im wrong. Well i havent watched her in years and wont now for sure. I may be one person but oh well.

Yup. As a Casting Crowns song says, “What if the family turned to Jesus and stopped asking Oprah what to do?” :doh2:

Sadly, people think if she’s says it, it must be true. Ugh. :mad:

the whole Secret thing is what brought me to CAF for the first time. It caused such a split between friends and myself that has yet to recover. I kept saying that it was completely against my faith and they kept saying “But oprah said its ok” I came here to see if I was just over reacting or if all the other Catholics felt the same. Luckily, I found they did. :slight_smile:

yes she did always talk about God. I think that’s what a lot of people liked. That she was open that she believed in God and that God had a plan for her.

Now that she’s mega big and mega rich she’s turned her back on the very God that put her there. I see a BIG fall from grace coming.

And to make it worse look who shes pushing for president! Oh My


Im REALLY just trying to help :slight_smile: I am catholic like you and stuff. Im only 15. Its obvious that she is supporting very ungodly things. I can see it as all can. but… I dont think its right to judge the relationship between God and Opera. Even though we see Operahs Evil actions clearly its between her and God. :slight_smile:

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