Oprah Winfrey Backing Lesbian Who Boasts of Quizzing 6-Year-Old Girl About her Private Parts

Why are Oprah and Faith Hill Supporting “Vagina Monologues” Creator Eve Ensler

CHICAGO, IL, April 14, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Oprah Winfrey and Faith Hill were among the prominent celebrities who participated in the tenth anniversary of the controversial play “The Vagina Monologues” (TVM) on Satuday at the New Orleans Arena. An updated version of the play written by lesbian (bisexual) Eve Ensler was performed by Winfrey at the arena. The new version includes a chapter in which a six-year-old girl is asked several questions about her vagina. For several years the Cardinal Newman Society has campaigned to have the controversial play banned from Catholic universities. In light of the new anniversary push, Americans For Truth launched its “Stop the Monologues Project”.

The full list of stars who participated in the New Orleans “celebration” included, Oprah Winfrey, Faith Hill, Jessica Alba, Sally Field, Ali Larter, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Hudson, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Rosario Dawson, Julia Stiles, Kerry Washington, Calpernia Addams, and musicians Common, Eve, and Charmaine Neville


There should be a Catholic boycott against new age pro-sodomist pro-baby murder hollywood-subculture infested extremists like this oprah.

All Catholics should boycott this baby-killing sodomism and pedophilia promoter and all her businesses.

All Catholics should ask tv networks to stop airing this immoral pedophile’s show on their stations, that should at least get her attention.

so I think the above poster is just a bit anti gay :rolleyes:

There is another thread about this very subject. Perhaps the moderators will combine them.:slight_smile:

Name calling such as accusing them of pedophila will only help them to fall more in to sin.

so I think the above poster is just a bit anti gay

The above poster is just a bit anti-everything. :rolleyes: Hey, Humanum Genus, there’s a group for people like you: check out the Westboro Baptist group.

God save all here.

Thank you, Humanum, for posting that article. I, for one, find myself now unable to watch anything on TV except for EWTN and the Weather Channel because of the spritually and morally degrading content. Even networks I used to enjoy such as PBS and The History Channel are now too secular and humanistic for me. I spent more than fifteen years out of the USA and was very shocked when I came back (in 2004) to see what was on the “tube.” With the increase of “hate crime” and “anti-discrimination” laws against Christians it seems that economic boycott may be one of the few weapons we have left. (Until we lose our jobs because of our beliefs, that is.)
On another thread you mentioned the repeal of the anti-sodomy laws as being a turning point. I agree. When those laws were on the books they were rarely enforced, but they did serve notice to the gays that their lifestyle was not to be promoted publicly.

This is exactly why I despise the Cult of Oprah. She appears to want to usurp the role of Saviour, but in reality all she does in promote sinful behavior.

He’s referring to sodomites, not ‘gays’ who are chaste. How does that make him ‘anti-gay’?

Being anti-sin is not a sin, btw.

I think the subject of this post is misleading people into thinking that Oprah is supporting a lesbian coming on to a six year old. There is little hint of the real topic until the post is read.

Much as I despise what I’ve heard of the vagina monologues, how does the info given make Oprah any more supportive of the homosexual activity and pedophilia (this seems implied in your post) than any of the dozens of universities where staff and students (including Catholic institutions) participate in or view said monologues?

Maybe not more, maybe much more, definitely just as much, and definitely not less.

All those evil pro-vagina monologues universities are bad enough, but when a very popular celebrity starts promoting these perversion ( and i’m sure many other celebrities will follow suit if they have not yet, now that oprah has publicly endorsed this sodomitic pedophilic perversion) that is even worse, many people have already been brainwashed with more than enough anti-Christian secularistic new age filth by oprah , now they will have to be exposed to more filth.

Name calling such as accusing them of pedophila will only help them to fall more in to sin.

And what do you call someone like Eve Ensler who asks a 6 year old girl about her private parts and sexuality??

There is a word for sickos like her, that word is pedophile.

You have absolutely no idea what sodomy is or what a sodomite is, do you? Look it up in a dictionary (Hint: it’s nothing at all to do with lesbians or vaginas and is the totally wrong word to be using in this instance)

Why quibble about terms when such evil is afoot?

would anyone use the terms f***** or n*****

Looks more like anti-abortion and anti-pedophilia to me:shrug:

I’ve never seen the vagina monologues myself but aren’t some of the monologues against the abuse of women? Don’t some of them have a positive message?

That’s the only thing I’ve ever been told. Still not interested in seeing them especially if they have a 6 yr old talking about that stuff…Definitely never heard of that one and I have friends who are in it.

I’m all for fighting abuse of women though!

Oprah is kinda going wild though…disturbing a little bit. Granted she had a strong Christian background but I think all the power/money/influence is going to her head

The creator thinks she is fighting abuse, but she is really just perpetuating the same ideas that keep women oppressed by the radical feminist movement.

The play also celebrates the rape of a 13 year old girl by a 24 year old woman who plies her victim with alcohol. The 13 yo then declares it to be a “good rape” because she had an orgasm and realizes she’ll never need a man.

The rest of the monologues are rather silly IMHO - naming your vaginas, dressing them up, pretty childish stuff. The “art” is pure provocation.

ok that’s digusting…

Eve Ensler knows exactly what she is doing,creating something for shock value. It’s a SATIRE
I pity the OP, who seems never to have heard of this concept. That’s why the Monologues are so outrageous … they’re not meant to be taken seriously at all. Yes, they’re in very, very poor taste, but calling anyone who participates in them a pedophile is equally tasteless, and frankly, stupid.

If the shoe fits…The only person who should be asking a 6 yr old child about those sorts of things is a doctor, when he is investigating potential problems. If i saw anyone else asking a child about those sort of things i would call them pedophile.

Yeah lets do something that celibrates a young child getting raped or talk to a 6 yr old about her vagina. (things that actually happened). O but we’re not pedophiles cause we’re putting it in a play/book so its satire. And since its “SATIRE” its totally ok. And quiet frankly. I think anyone who writes, takes part in, supports such books/ plays are pedophiles. So in your opinion. I could write a book/ play About say suffering of actual jewish people during the holocaust. Where I make light of their sufferings. But i wouldn’t be a anti semite. Cause it was “satire”?

A satire of what?

How do you feel about satires of Christ? You know, the ones where they plunge the crucifix into a bucket of urine? Is it okay as long as someone categorizes it as “satire”?


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