Oprah Winfrey coming to Australia. NO!

Oprah winfrey coming here to Australia Hmmm.
We’ve just got our first female leader from the non conservative side of politics and Oprah with her anti Catholic reputation she now annouces shes comming to Australia??? ???

The media are making a big thing out of this here in Australia its all over the news apparently she has a viewing audience of 40 million across America and is very popular world wide. This is bad for our relatively small country of 24 million people.
I get very skeptical. This could be a reaction to the wonderful job the Catholic church did in holding World Youth day here notso long ago.

Watch the new age stuff come streaming out when she gets here. And I’ll bet she makes a big deal out of our Newly elected Leader a founding member of the Australian branch of **Emilys List **( a world wide orgaisation wich is hell bent on recruiting pro abortion women in to politics)

simply turn off your tv or chose not to watch the media coverage of her visit. :thumbsup:

Tell ya what I’m gonna do. We’ll trade you Oprah for Crocodile Dundee, straight up! Deal? :smiley:

This seems to be indicative of her quest to extend her world domination. Her outsized ego may not fit into your vast and beautiful country!
I was in Sydney during World Youth Day and it was magnificent!
Knowing Aussies the way I do, you will all view her with the ridicule she merits.
God Bless,

What are we going to do today,Oprah?

Same as every day Pinkie. Think of a way to take over the world! :D;)

Send us the Wiggles! We’ll get the better deal…even if you throw in Captain Feathersword!

Just say Noprah! :smiley:

You’ve already got him. Paul Hogan now lives mainly in the US, where he gets better tax breaks, and I suppose his main business interests lie. For a bloke who plays knockabout clowns like Dundee, he’s got a shrewd business head. My understanding is that he was “discovered” while he was a painter on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and his first manager had a lot to do with his success.

Quite recently the Australian Tax Office stopped him from returning to the US for a while, as they claim he owed so much tax. The first thing he did when they did let him go and he set foot on US soil was to claim that your IRS were gentlemen compared to the ATO.

I don’t watch Ms.Winfrey, although it’s nearly impossible to avoid some knowledge of what she does. But the whole idea of getting her over here is purely pragmatic - the powers that be hope that somehow her appearance in Australia on her own show will somehow make you Yanks part with your hard earned dollars and fly across the Pacific Ocean for a holiday.

It’s a tourism stunt.

At least she doesn’t live there.

psst… tell them we’ll throw in throw in some prawns…


Do we have a deal?

Steady on JRPO, that’s all painted with a very dark brush.

There are a lot worse interviewers than Oprah interviewing a lot worse people, at least her language is clean and she does do a lot for charity. Quite a few of her stories are uplifting.

I’m glad she’s coming here because it will definitely inspire people from overseas to visit our beautiful country. We do welcome people from the USA to visit - we have a long history of mutual friendship and co-operation.

Hi roveau,
Yes, she does. But she did not do much for many beef farmers in the U.S. with her antics on eating burgers.
Also, check out the so-called “religious”, er, I mean “spiritual” people she regularly has as guests.
Nah, a journey to Oz is just another ego trip!
God Bless,

Well ponder this. Its the left side of politics that is behind her coming here in the first place. The first person interviewed on television after the annoucement she was coming was the Minister for Tourism who openly admitted having worked on the process for quite some time. The media has jumped on the band wagon as they always do with the left. Was such a fuss made about World Youth Day, How many would be watching that and how many visitors it would attract. Hardly a murmur from any government or media outlet. All they could talk about was how much it was upsetting Randwick.

Take an hour and a bit to look at this video realcatholictv.com/free/index.php?vidID=ciax-2010-06-27&ssnID=89

Then think how the left may be hiding behind something like tourism.

I hadn’t realized that the Australian government was paying for this trip. Its estimated to cost over $2.8 million US.

Ouch. But perhaps as an advertising campaign, its not an unreasonable amount?

Yes well the current Australian government is off to the left and typical of the left they poor millions of dollars into trying to infect the minds of many unsuspecting Australian women.

You have my condolences. Oprah leads a lot of people astray. She is well intentioned…but she still leads people astray. Satan does not care whether a person chooses UNbelief or MISbelief as long as the soul is not following Christ. Leading people down the path of gnosticism and heresy is a grave and serious matter. We should pray for her. Wow we should. I just realized I find her so annoying I’ve never prayed for her soul. I will. Maybe that is the only thing we can do. That and stand up to heresy. Sigh. We need more grace, more strength, more grace.

The Australian government isn’t paying for Oprah to come to Australia, she is paying the costs herself.

The vaste majority of Australian Catholics don’t believe in such conspiracy theories regarding the new government or the left. I would have preferred Tony Abbott though but thems the breaks.

She is of the world and her show appeals to the world, that’s how I see it but I still maintain she one of the better interviewers and show hosts. It’s rather silly to say that she leads people into ‘gnosticism and heresy’, she is appealing to people that already are fascinated by that sort of thing. The rare times she strays onto such subjects wouldn’t lead astray any firm Catholic, Christian or level headed person.

I’m not at all interested in her shows btw but I feel everyone should be given a fair go. I still think it will be great for Australian tourism. We like people to visit our fair shores.

I’ll plead ignorance as to how the money sorts out, but this is what the Sydney Morning Herald reported:

Tourism Australia is spending $1.5 million on the event. Tourism NSW is contributing ‘‘between $1 million and $2 million’’. Tourism Victoria is in for about $500,000, and Tourism Queensland for about $400,000. The visitors will not have to pay for their accommodation, travel and most meals.


You badly need to educate yourself.

The same people that condemnd the church at every opportunity they got when it came to World Youth Day are lording up Oprah coming and promoting the Australian show like its the best thing thats ever happend to Australia.

World Youth Day would have been far more affective for the promotion of our country and not a single word from them. Wake up and smell the cooking.

This is nothing to do with whether you prefer Tony Abott or Julia Gillard as such.

You watch the media and you can’t see what the left are doing. Don’t be so naive.

I think some of you are being a bit too conspiracy-theorist here.

I’m certainly no fan of Oprah, and true she is very influential and she does promote a lot of New Age unChristian “spiritual” nonsense, a few times she has been unfairly critical of the Catholic Church, and she may be pro-abortion (I haven’t seen her views on the subject) but is she really the biggest pro-abortion anti-catholic bigot going around? As for “left-wing” don’t make me laugh the woman is a billionaire thanks to capitalist consumerism.

I certainly don’t think it would make any difference whether Australia had a left-leaning (Labor) or right-leaning (Liberal-National) government, they would have viewed it as a pragmatic investmnent to pay for the exposure to boost tourism to Australia (which has failed to take off as expected in the years following the Sydney Olympics. Thw WYD will boost tourism in the long term but Oprah will boost it in the short term.)
And it was primarily the left-leaning Labor government of the State of New South Wales which promoted and supported World Youth Day. And the Minister responsible for coordinating WYD is now the Premier of NSW. (She met her future husband at a previous WYD. Unfortunately she’s also pro-gay adoption and pro-women “priests”, but nobody’s perfect.)

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