Oprah Winfrey to retire Chicago-based syndicated show in 2011


CHICAGO - It’s what made her rich, famous and, if not a kingmaker, then perhaps the maker of a U.S. president.

Now Oprah Winfrey has decided she’s ready to move on from her top-rated daytime program.

Winfrey plans to tell viewers on Friday’s show that she will retire the Chicago-based syndicated gabfest at the end of her current contract, which runs through the 2010-11 season, her 25th on national TV. It’s going to be a long goodbye.

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I know a lot of people here at CAF are going to be broken-hearted about this news. :wink:

boo-hoo. :smiley:

To quote a remark from Monty Python which I may or may not resemble …

“And there was much rejoicing throughout the land hurray!


good news is rare these days, but i am glad to hear this.

i stopped watching the show years ago.

not a moment too soon. And perhaps several moments (or years!) too late!


Yeah, she should have retired before she got into the new age nonsense & started hawkingit.

I’m suspicious though, 2011?? going into Obama’s reelection year?? :hmmm: …i hope Oprah just stays retired and gives to charity. I don’t want her thinking she needs to keep her influence elsewhere beyond television (into the political realm :eek: ) Especially knowing her values are screwed up by the Eckhart Tolle types & she’s biased toward the secularist gay agenda stuff.

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but I’m sure that Oprah is not “retiring” from her show in order to sit around and do nothing. She’s got her Oprah Winfrey Network TV station, her “O” magazine, her website, and many other ventures. She may be retiring from this particular project, but it’s only because she wants to move onto other things. As long as she has an audience, she will continue to find ways to exert her influence.

I don’t know. It may seem like good news but I wonder what exactly is she going to do next? What if she’s wanting to try her hand at politics or something?

This whole thing is a ratings gimmick. Think about it, how many people announce their last season two years in advance, and go so far as to even hype the announcement itself days in advance?

Oprah isn’t going anywhere, like some posters have mentioned, she still has her network and her magazine.


I will say a prayer for her and hope that her path leads her to the Lord :slight_smile:

(Reouterz) Chicago - Shocking even Herself, Oprah! Winfrey announced she will soon end her earthly talk-show reign in preparation for Her Ascension.

The publisher of O magazine who is known as “The Most Powerful Person In The Free World,” Ms. Winfrey quoted Herself, saying She is leaving Her show “in order to spend more quality time with Herself.” The checkout stand favorite, O, has featured Ms. Winfrey on the cover of every monthly issue since inception – except one, on which She shared the honor with a second image of Herself.

“I have always admired Deities and it just feels like the right time to become omnipresent, as I now have more money than God.”


time to party

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