Oprah's Abomination

I didn’t know why everyone was condemning Oprah until I saw this:


May God have mercy on her and all those that reject Christ through her lies.

It is just so unbelievable. It is like she is lipsinking Satan himself word for word.

Thanks for posting this. I’ve forwarded it to friends and family. I don’t believe mature Christians are at a great risk for getting sucked in, but she will lure a lot of those who are barely hanging on. :frowning:

Thank you. Very scary. I had heard that she promoted non-Christian beliefs but was unaware of the extent of her influence on people’s beliefs or that she actually has a ‘church’ of several hundred thousand members.

I ask the Holy Spirit to intervene, and to enlighten this woman to turn to Jesus and bring her followers with her.


This is propoganda, folks. Oprah does not have a church. She has an extremely popular TV program which is pretty bad, and a less popular but no less dangerous weekly (?) radio program on New Age nonsense. Yes, I think that much of what she does along the New Age line is destructive and bad for intellectually lazy and generally faithless people. But she’s no threat to the Church or to God. Let’s not get carried away by propoganda.

God Bless

Jon Winterburn

Oprah`s new earth junk, and the book the secret she is promoting are very dangerous and should not be dismissed lightly. Why? Go here catholic.com/radio/calendar.php
and listen to any or all of the programs with Sharon Lee Giganti on July 4 and/or July 14.

While we each may feel secure in our faith we should listen to the above programs in case our friends and family get involved so that we know what this stuff is and hopefully we can keep those we care about and ourselves from being deceived.

Look who she supported and brought into the spotlight for the pro-choice canadate for President.

Oprah is a sewer that stinks to high heaven.

Welcome to America.

The threat is that Oprah is putting forth this new-age religion of hers to millions of viewers as the truth. The reason to be upset is that she is leading many people astray, people who are not as strong in their faith as you or I. That is my concern. She agrees with Tolle that God is a feeling & if God is a belief, then it isn’t God! This is not about being God-centered either, it’s about me, me, me & feelings. While Oprah does do some good things, this is something bad, imo.

I didn’t know about this at all. To think that she is a very influential person, she can use her fame for people to follow her.

I have noticed for sometime that Oprah is not to be taken seriously. This goes back some years. While she is no doubt a very talented person her power has got to her and she has a great deal of influence.,

Her show often makes sex entertainment - I have seen a couple of shows where she did that. Instead of censuring the subject matter she turned it into entertainment.

I think that everybody should be warned against her. She can do a whole lot of damage.

We already have so much trash going on without another…

Parents have a massive job to do in keeping their children away from this kind of thing.

Please America, pray for your children and their parents.


The truth is, she’s us. She is popular because she resonates with who we are as a nation. The same is true with the President we elect.

Oprah is not the problem. She is a symptom. She’s a diagnostic that shows us who we really are.

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