Oprah's Puppy Mill Show

Did anyone see it today? It was so sad. They actually showed animals being euthanized.


I don’t live too far from Main Line Animal Rescue. I want to try and volunteer there I never knew that they rescued puppymill dogs. I was surprised that they mentioned the vet clinic my dog had surgery at once, for the sick puppy.

It reminds me of a time I was flipping through the news paper and found an ad saying “puppies for sale” and it listed the breeds, it was 27 breeds, I found the place online and it was actually 50 breeds. I wanted to report them, because there are a lot of laws against puppy mills(the only problem with the laws is that the inspectors pass kennels like you saw on the show) but I found out that a rescue group was already on it.

I am surprised that they showed the euthanizing part, but that is how it is.

I didn’t see the show but its said Oprah was overcome with grief …probably due to the death of her dog…‘Sophie’

She was only really really upset at the beginning when her crew put together a slideshow of moments with Sophie. She was upset during the rest of the show, but not in the same way, it was more of a disgusted kind of upset like when they showed the breeding females, euthanizing dogs in Texas and she cried again for Sophie because someone gave a donation in her name to a rescue and they rescued a blind cockerspaniel who was on her last day at a shelter and the dog died 5 weeks after being adopted, it reminded her of Sophie.

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