Optional Memorials of the BVM

How does your parish celebrate Optional Memorials of the Blessed Virgin Mary? A few specific ones include Our Lady of Lourdes (today), Our Lady of Fatima (May 13), Holy Name of Mary (September 12), and Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major (August 5).

Also important is the Saturday Memorial of the BVM. On available Saturdays of Ordinary Time, it is permitted to celebrate the Blessed Virgin Mary as an Optional Memorial in the Liturgy of the Hours, and as a Votive Mass.

More broadly, how does your parish celebrate other Marian Solemnities, Feasts, and obligatory Memorials?

My answers will be below.

At my parish we always celebrate the calendar Optional Memorials of the BVM. Our parochial vicar also celebrates the Votive Masses of the BVM on available Saturdays; our pastor has a great devotion to the BVM but does not do the Saturday memorials for some reason.

We really don’t ever sing at daily Mass, even for Solemnities. We only sing on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation, and a few other high-attendance days like the Triduum, Ash Wednesday, and Thanksgiving. But our priests will often choose somewhat more solemn options for Marian days, like using the Confiteor and triple solemn blessing. We celebrate Marian Holy Days in a big way, and our pastor uses the Roman Canon for Marian solemnities.

We also have an annual May Crowning in, well, May, and a Public Square Rosary in October, and the Rosary before all weekend Masses.

Our pastor celebrates the Memorial of the BVM on Saturdays only when there is no other option to celebrate for a saint.

That didn’t sound right. What I meant was, our pastor usually celebrates the Mass for the saint if one is listed. But when no saint is listed, he uses the option to celebrate the Mass for the Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturdays.

As far as I know, the Chapel here celebrates all the weekday memorials. There’s no Mass on Saturday (besides the Saturday evening Mass), so no BVM on Saturday Memorials.

Not Saturdays. For optional memorials we have the blue-trimmed vestments and Common of the BVM, but we don’t stray from the weekday readings for anything less than a feast.

We have Rosary before Mass in October and May, a Rosary Rally (crowning & processing with the statue of Our Lady, led by the Bishop). Like you, we never sing on weekdays. We do get most of the blessings going, which I know not everywhere does (throats for St. Blaise, expetant mothers in Advent etc.).

Our small OF parish is part of a six parish cluster. At one of the parishes there is always a First Saturday and every Saturday morning a Mass of the BVM. None of the other parishes have a priest available for Saturday. However, once a month we get a Dominican priest who comes up for a Dominican Rite low Mass(Latin) and it is most often a Votive Mass of the BVM.

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