Options for First Holy Communion if Baptized?

Hi all - looked through the various topics regaring RCIC (which I know doesn’t really exist by this name), and couldn’t really find an answer. Several baptized kids over the age of 10 are wanting to receive First Holy Commmunion. They’ve had zero faith formation since baptism (sadly, most of them are now being raised by faithful grandparents who now have legal custody since parents are strung out or in jail - God have mercy). Should they be part of RCIC or a separate class since they’re already baptized? And should all of them get Confirmed at the Easter Vigil (I think our diocese just promulgated a new Confirmation policy, which I have yet to review). The RCIA manual speaks clearly about youth needing baptism, but not really for those who don’t. Thanks, and God bless.

You’re going to get different responses depending on diocesan policies. In my diocese they would be expected to have 2 years of catechesis prior to receiving Communion, just like any other child who is preparing for First Communion. Then they would be expected to have a further two years of preparation before being confirmed and it would NOT happen at the Vigil.

The DRE should have a program in place to address this very issue. In our parish it is called RCIC, which as you know isn’t really a thing. It takes the kids who are not 2nd & 3rd graders and instructs them if faith formation but more at their age level. They would then receive their FHC at the same Masses as the younger one do. In our program we have both those who need baptism and those who are baptized. Often the baptism well before FHC.

Call you parish and speak to the DRE.

Your Diocese has policies, your priest will have the authority to implement other policies.

The 10 year olds are seen as “adults” by the Church and will receive all of the Sacraments of Initiation as would any other adult. How that happens is going to vary.

I know some people who have used Catholic Alpha for Teens as the first part of Catechesis for middle schoolers.

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