Opus Dei - admission request vs. invitation

I have been discerning vocation to Opus Dei for quite some time now (about 7 months) and I sense that God is calling me to join. I have been married for 10 years and I would like to become a supernumerary.

I have been attending Evenings of Recollection and circles and mentioned my plans to my spiritual director on two occasions but he didn’t recommend me any actions. Recently, after confession one of the OD fathers asked me whether I was planning to join and I eagerly confirmed. The father said he would mention this to my director but then nothing happened.
My perception (right or wrong) is that my spiritual director is somehow cautious about my admission. On my part, I see it as a vocation to a marriage; you don’t want to date somebody forever, you want it to become a more serious and, in a way, ‘sacramental’ relationship.

At present, I don’t really know what I stand on. Should I class myself as a cooperator? I haven’t been officially invited to become a cooperator, is this a condition? Is becoming a cooperator a necessary step on the way to a full membership or not? Should I keep asking my director about it (as The Scripture says: ‘keep knocking’) or should I just wait patiently?

Aren’t you suppose to write a letter to the Prelature?

Try to meditate and think about the option for a little bit more and if possible try to get and consult with a spiritual director(if you do not have one already).

If you don’t feel really ready yet or need more time to think it over just try to be a cooperator first-it does not have to happen quickly.

Vocations are different for everyone,just think over it,talk to some certain people and pray over it and God should guide you towards the right choice-though that may require patience.

Mercy unto you, and peace, and charity be fulfilled. Jude 1:2 D-R Translation

Thanks for the reply.
I am aware of the letter requirement. Also, as I mentioned, I already spoke to my director twice about it. I DO feel ready, it’s just that I don’t know whether I should write this letter without waiting for my director to suggest this. He seems to keep quiet about it but it may be that he does not want to make me feel pressed to do it. Also, I would like to know whether I should class my self as a cooperator now that I have been coming to the evenings of recollection and circles for over 6 months and applying the norms of piety in my daily life or do I need to be officially invited to become one.

Contrary to impressions of “recruiting” Opus Dei is fairly unhurried about “membership” and that sort of thing. They are most interested in your struggle for holiness. Keep taking full advantage of the means of formation…recollections…direction…have you gone on an Opus Dei retreat? Ask about it. Take it in stride…maybe ask about “cooperator circles”…these are an additional means of formation…short prayers…Gospel reading and commentary…a short talk on some aspect of Christian living…exam…

Is there Center nearby? They often offer classes on various topics…take advantage of those.

There is a little form to fill out that gets sent forward to formalize cooperators. Interestingly there is card you will eventually receive indicating cooperator…but no equivalent card or paperwork received as a supernumerary.

Have patience and squeeze everything you can out of the formation available to you…worry less about membership at this point.

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Thank you very much for the wise words. You are right, I should concentrate on taking the most of the formation.
What prompted my questions regarding membership and the cooperators status was the conversation I had with one of the Opus Dei priests after the confession recently. He asked me whether I was a cooperator or member and I didn’t know what to say. Finally, I said I was ‘aspiring’ cooperator although I’m not sure if it’s right.
I feel it’s time to take my vocation a step further, hence the concerns. I shall probable try to speak about it again with my spiritual director.



Is your spiritual director a Numerary member of the Work?

Opus Dei priests seem to focus even less on “progressing membership”. If they ask, it may be more related to getting a sense of your ongoing formation…your approach to struggle…etc.

Yes, my director is a numerary.

I understand that I should do things at God’s pace, not my pace.
Still, I sense he is calling me to some further steps but perhaps I should speak more openly about it with my director.

Thank you

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