Opus Dei and Knights of Columbus


Hello! Can one be a member of both Opus Dei and Knights of Columbus, especially can a priest belong to both the Knights of Columbus and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross? Thank you very much in advance!


Since the Knights of Columbus is a men’s lay social, fraternal, and philathropic organization, I don’t see how a clergyman can be a member.

Does it have such?


Priests can be members of the Knights too. I know several who are, including my own parish priest.


Although it's perfectly fine for the lay members of Opus Dei to belong to the Knights, the priests are busier than one-armed paper hangers, and would have no time at all to devote to membership.



Nothing in the Knights of Columbus Charter Constitution and Laws would prevent it. I cannot speak for any impediments from the Opus Dei side.

And most priests are busier than one-armed paper hangers…



Where does this knowledge come from? Is this from personal experience or this simply open knowledge? Thank you so much for your replies!


Both. Are there other questions I could help you with?



Yes, I’m curious as to the nature the experience/knowledge you have. I am currently discerning the priesthood, and while I want to continue being active in the Knights of Columbus, I also feel drawn to the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross (though not Opus Dei itself per se).


I also feel drawn to the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross (though not Opus Dei itself per se).

Ahhh… so, you’re thinking diocesan priest who receives additional formation from the Priestly Society. That’s a horse of a different color. :slight_smile:

Or maybe not. Truthfully, most of the diocesan priests I know who are in the Priestly Society are also as “busy as one-armed paper hangers.” (Betsy: Love that expression! I’m stealing it!) They tend to be very involved, very apostolic priests who hear lots of confessions, get as hands-on with parish doctrinal formation as their schedule allows, attend liturgy planning meetings instead of delegating it out, etc…

Which still wouldn’t preclude the Knights per se. I could certainly see the Knights providing a very healthy and wholesome social outlet, but it might be the type of situation where such a priest would need to be very clear about his time and schedule limitations. KWIM?

And I wish you the very best as you discern the priesthood! We need more good and holy priests!





I am assuming you also know this from experience/knowledge too! Thank you so much for your reply! Its provided me with new insight into my discernment process, what the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross really could be for me, etc. etc. By the way, if I were a priest of the society, would I have initials after my name? Again, thank you so much!


Hi there. When you say initials, you mean like “S.J.” or “O.P”? No, no such initials.


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