Opus Dei and Summorum Pontificum

I’m just curious if anyone knows of any reaction from Opus Dei to the Motu Proprio, or if you attend an Opus Dei parish, if it has been talked about?

I’m sure they’re quite supportive of it, but I wouldn’t look for extraordinary form Masses from them anytime soon. It just doesn’t seem to be a focus for them. They say reverent, beautiful ordinary form Masses and that probably won’t change.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but I didn’t think Opus Dei had Parishes - they have Lay members and a Chaplain but not a Parish per se. In other words, every Parish in the world could have an Opus Dei member or group in them. Check out opusdei.us/art.php?p=10877.

Since as I read the above mentioned web-site I gather that the Opus Dei members could easily have the same varying opinions about the Extraordinary Rite as all of us here on the Catholic Answers Forums. For that matter, we could easily have some Opus Dei members here too.

Brenda V.

They run a parish in Chicago. That’s the only one that I know of.

Okay, there are several other Parishes “entrusted to Opus Dei priests”. You can find this information at the end of this page from the Opus Dei website opusdei.us/sec.php?s=379

You learn something new every day :). I just don’t want to add misinformation about a group that already gets bad press by some.

Sorry, I derailed the OP’s topic :o.

Brenda V.

I’m an associate member of Opus Dei. I personally prefer the Mass said in my local dialect, but that’s a matter of personal opinion and not the official stance of Opus Dei. I think other people in Opus Dei probably hold the opposite view. I did hear one numerary priest of Opus Dei quote another numerary priest of Opus Dei who is an expert in liturgy voice an opinion that the mass as it is now is better than TLM. All a matter of opinion, of course, which everyone is entitled to. :slight_smile:

My old spiritual director was Opus Dei. He said the Novus Ordo in Latin at an Ad orientum Altar. He had been ordained in the old Rite and although he was not against the traditional Mass, he didnt see any advantage it had over a Latin Novus Ordo.

I think there is an Opus Dei center somewhere that has allowed the FSSP to come in regularly to say a Mass for those who so desire it.

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