Opus Dei converting "K Street" folks

Read a blog that was critical of Opus Dei. It mentioned the group is trying to convert movers and shakers on K Street with little success.

It did say Laura Ingraham (talk show), Larry Kudlow, Senator Sam Brownback and the late Robert Novak were converted by Opus Dei folks.

I think they may be referring to Fr. McCloskey (sp. ?).

Does anyone know about these conversions? Was it indeed someone from Opus Dei?

Are there other prominent political/media conversions besides these credited to Opus Dei?

Father C. John McCloskey also played a role in the conversion of Dr Bernard Nathanson (founder of NARAL) Alfred Regnery & Judge Robert Bork. He worked on wall street prior to entering the seminary & ordained a priest of Opus Dei. I think it was Robert Novak who commented on the number of years he would meet w/ Father McCloskey for lunch before he converted to the faith. Father is no longer in DC but I bet he is still a ‘fisher of men’, including movers & shakers.

I thought I recalled Clarence Thomas as having some Opus Dei connections.

But then I have some OD friends and influences. So far they look entirely legit, orthodox and holy in doctrine and worship. But then, they tend to keep the albino assassins under cover, don’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

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