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I learned something awhile back about these Opus Dei houses. They were large buildings, sex seperated, that housed many who took vows of celibacy and so on (giving most of there money they work for to the house). Does anyone know about these places and does anyone have a link that would explain more about them?

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I did a simple Google search for “Opus Dei houses” & got numerous results.

Here is one such results.

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I would suggest doing your own internet research; the link submitted by another poster is somewhat negative. Be sure to not base your opinions on one website alone. Please do adequate reading from many sources, not just a single website.

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I did not read the article I linked to. My point was to do a Google search. As I stated in my post, there are numerous sites to check out. I should have just gave her/him the results of Google as here:
Maybe this one will meet with your approval.:rolleyes:

By statute, you give ALL that you have to your Center director. If you work outside you give your whole paycheck. The Center provides whatever the Director thinks you need. It’s the poverty portion of the program.

I would like to correct you on that one, Julia May. Celibate members of Opus Dei (numeraries, assistant numeraries, associates) turn in what they earn (as well as any allowances) as a means of living poverty. But the person determines for herself what she needs and asks for it, usually on a weekly basis for usual expenses. The directors do not even suggest an amount, nor is the amount fixed. There are times that I actually get back almost the entire amount I turn in because of other expenses that come up. Extraordinary expenses are consulted and the person is accompanied in making such purchases. You may liken it to a married couple or family pooling in all their resources for the household, then getting what one needs. At times one may have to ask if there is enough to buy a new laptop that will not unduly burden the finances.

Full disclosure: I’m an associate of Opus Dei who joined as a twenty year-old in college over a decade ago. I now work as a radiologist in my home country.

And since I live with my parents and siblings, a sizable amount of what I turn is actually taken out again to give to my mother to help out with the household expenses.

If you are wondering, turning in the salary and getting what one needs is done in private with only one of the local directors present, usually the secretary. Nobody else knows how much you turn in and how much you take out. The rest of the money left may go to the upkeep of the center, contributions to apostolic activities as donations, support for elderly and sick members of Opus Dei. We are also encouraged to get health insurance and retirement plans for ourselves.

Here is their website – opusdei.org/

Opus Dei is a completely approved organization within the Church.

I knew such a house when I lived in Chicago. It was on the lakefront and it was a converted multiplex. They had Mass their daily, and had prayer groups, etc. They all had outside jobs and yes, they gave their money to the house, and the house provided their needs. This house in particular had several odd members, who didn’t know much about Catholic teaching, and who were ultra extreme radical. Their hearts were in the right places, but they often stepped beyond boundaries. It didn’t take long ( a few weeks) for me to see this, and stay away from them. But I have read several posts here on CAF of very positive experiences with other Opus Dei homes. Try doing a search here on CAF on Opus Dei.

You can try contacting your diocese. They should know of such houses where you live. I suggest that if you want to learn more about the house near you, you can set up an interview with them and go visit them and talk with them.

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