Opus Dei: isn't it for married persons, too?

I am interested to learn more about Opus Dei. Isn’t it a group for married persons, too? I am curious about the daily life of a person in Opus Dei, as well as the process one goes through to become a member. I have watched a few videos and look at the Opus Dei website, but I still have questions.

Is anyone here in Opus Dei? What does it mean to become a member? What is asked of a person becoming a member?

I read a few things about the founder, St. (he is a saint now, correct?) Josemaria Escriva, and I really liked what I learned from that. Can anyone here enlighten me a bit? Thanks. :slight_smile:

A couple of more specific questions…

I read that Opus Dei members must attend daily Mass, weekly meetings, yearly retreats, and such.

Well, what if no such things exist near a person interested in Opus Dei? I have never heard of any Opus Dei meetings or retreats anywhere. Is this group only open to people in big cities with a large pre-existing Opus Dei group of members?

Also, what if childbirth and nursing prevent a mother from attending these things? Must she wait until her fertile years are over before joining? I know that I would not be capable of going on retreat every year, despite my interest.

I am only asking these questions out of curiosity, because obviously I know no one in Opus Dei, but have come across mentions of it repeatedly and am very interested in learning more.

Yes, it is. If I’m not mistaken (and I very well may be), the first “married couple” saints are to be Opus Dei.

Lots of nursing moms bring the baby on retreat with them. There are once a month spiritual talks or Mass with Adoration & Reconciliation.

Hi. I am married male member of Opus Dei, a supernumerary as it’s called. Not all supernumeraries are necessarily married, however.

Normally…“membership” is sort of put in the back seat. Opus Dei exists to provide pastoral support to people, not even necessarily just to Catholics. Anyone can take advantage of a load of formation/pastoral support…membership not required.

People often begin to take advantage of the formation opportunities by attending events under the care of Opus Dei…recollections (2 meditations, oppty for confession/direction…a practical talk in Christian living, etc.)…

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