Opus Dei numeraries and careers


So I read that Opus Dei numeraries turn over their entire salary to Opus Dei and are given a stipend for their living expenses. Which lead me to think of a question, are Opus Dei numeraries required to be working? What if they are a student or are financially independent at the time they become incorporated into Opus Dei? Thank you in advance!


They all work. Some hold internal positions and many others have careers in the business world, academia, etc.


Does Opus Dei have any full-time students then?


Funny how you think only of people like yourself - I automatically thought about middle aged adults when I answered!

I know there are some numeraries who are full time students, and I know that one's own education can be considered one's professional work, but I don't know how the job/income thing is handled.



That's what I wanted to know. Thank you so much!!


I'm not a numeray, but an associate of Opus Dei (a celibate member who normally lives with family member or by oneself because of permanent personal, family or professional circumstances that makes one unable to take on the tasks and availability of numeraries who normally live in a Center). I think I can answer your question though since like the numeraries, the associates also live the virtue of poverty in a similar way (i.e. turning in the salary and then asking for whatever one sees that she needs from a "common pot"), I join Opus Dei when I was 20 (then about to finish my undergraduate degree) and I went to medical school afterwards (still living at home and dependent on my parents for my allowance, and an aunt generous enough to fund my medical school studies). I can imagine that the college-aged numeraries or those who did graduate studies lived poverty just like I did that time.
Instead of turning in my salary (which I did not have at that time), I turned in my allowance and any other money that was given to me by family as gifts or money to buy spend on projects, etc. aside from my allowance. Then, I asked for what for what would cover my usual needs or consult when buying something extra like a new pair of jeans, for example.
I was also encouraged to try to find another source of income, which I did for only a short time, ghostwriting for an advice column on-line. I found it difficult though to juggle with medical school studies so I had to give it up eventually.
If you're wondering, I'm now about to turn 30, and already earning a modest salary while doing my residency training.


Do supernumeraries have to turn in their salaries ? how about cooperators? What about if one has no salary(unemployed, housewife, etc.)?


Supernumeraries do not turn in their salaries. Most are married, or planning to be married, so their first responsibility is to their families, now or in the future. They make a monthly contribution according to their ability, as do Cooperators.



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