Oracle cards what is the Catholic Church’s view

A friend asked me what the church thinks about using Oracle cards

What are Oracle cards? I did a quick search and they look to be like tarot cards to me. Is this the case? If so the church has a firm stance on that. All forms of divination are to be rejected. If they are a type of tarot card I would refer to CCC 2115 and 2116.


Oracle cards are some new age garbage that are like a more freeform version of Tarot. You use the cards to “interpret” stuff in your life.
Like all the other new age garbage, a Catholic should not be using Oracle cards.


Divination is forbidden. It’s an attempt to work magic.
The tarot is a divination tool, so forbidden to use.
If Oracle cards are a divination tool then they are forbidden.

Nicely put. Just to add something additional, it’s a dangerous thing to justify sin by saying “Well, it’s not technically using tarot cards”. Sin rarely comes with bells and flashing red lights; more often, it’s disguised as the norm or beneficial for you in some way


Tarot cards, horoscopes, ouija board all of the sort are garbage and fall under fields from evil, pagan and and even demonic. Divination and fortune telling should be avoided at all costs


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