"Oracle of the Lord" use in Jeremiah


“oracle of the Lord” is used repeatedly throughout the Book of Jeremiah, but its intended purpose is obscure or ambiguous.

Is it?:

  1. being used to indicated a strong statement of the Lord?
  2. addressing Jeremiah?

If you have an opinion/knowledge where does it derive from?


Possibly both 1 and 2.

I’ll see what else I can find.





well I used www.biblehub.com and www.biblegateway.com

and checked a couple of these verses for “oracle of the Lord”
Basically compared to other bible translations, but mine is the NAB/Nabre:

seems “Oracle of the Lord” is equivalent to " declares/says the Lord"
may not be true in every instance, but I didnt want to check the what seems like 50,60 or moreof these.

The NABRE translation of this is really bad and confusing: “Oracle of the Lord”


Oracle means, a prophetic understanding of the future.


yeah thats what I asked!@

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