Oral Contraceptives used for other conditions

I hope I am posting in the right forum.

As indicated, I am a Free Methodist minister. I am also a strong supporter of both ECT and the Gift of Salvation documents. I am strongly in support of the Catholic Church’s right not to have to pay for artificial contraceptives via employee health insurance - including Catholic colleges and health care institutions.

That said, an interesting issue came up tonight on Gerta Van Susteren tonight. I have a background in healthcare and I know that these meds are given for other purposes. They are even given (along with other drugs) in order to treat infertility. So here’s my question; Under what circumstances may a Catholic use these medications?

Treatment of skin disorders? Severe menstrual problems? Severe PMS? (Please don’t laugh, this can rarely be very severe - when I worked EMS we had a patient who had to be mentally committed every month. She was just fine the rest of the time. I am positive she had other issues under the surface, but every month she went over the edge. My heart went out to her and her family. Clearly a very rare situation, but it does happen.)

If a married Catholic woman is taking such meds for another condition, would she be required to refrain from sexual relations with her husband?

Finally, are there any conditions under which it is permissible for a married Catholic woman to use artificial contraception? For instance, if she and her unborn child would likely die should she become pregnant? Would the church council abstinence instead?

These are sincere questions that I simply do not know the answer to. Thank you in advance for your answers.

It is my understanding, anyone feel free to correct me if I am wrong, that if prescribed for a legitimate health concern such as the conditions you mentioned, a person may use such drugs. I am not sure but I do not think a married couple would have to abstain from sex, so long as the drug is not an abortion inducing drug (I have no clue if abortion inducing drugs have other possible purposes).

I am sure others will be able to answer your questions more thoroughly and more accurately. I also believe there are some other threads on this very subject.

This link may also help answer your questions.


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SMA_12 is right. Catholics are permitted to use these drugs only when they are NOT for the purposes of contracepting. BUT if they are abortifacents, they cannot engage in sexual relations while using them.

For example, if I have a medical condition that makes pregnancy dangerous for me, this would NOT be a good reason to use the drugs or to have my tubes tied, as it would be for the purposes of avoiding pregnancy while having sex as pregnancy is deemed dangerous. Almost like the potential pregnancy itself is the target of the drugs/procedures- it’s still wrong. In that case, the way to be safe is to abstain from sex, not to have sex in a way that destroys its natural objective, purpose, meaning.

But say I have cervical cancer and the only way to treat it is to have my uterus removed- this is perfectly acceptable even if it will have the side effect of destroying my ability to get pregnant. In this case, it’s no different than having any other part of my body removed to treat cancer- I will end up without the full functioning of that part, but that’s not the point of the procedure. The point is to remove cancer, not to cause my body to be incapable of pregnancy, or to be incapable of any other functioning I may lose in the process.

Thank you to you both for your answers - they were most informative.

Our forefathers might be shocked to see us Protestants defending our Catholic brothers and sisters - but I try to do so whenever possible. In spite of major differences, we serve the same Lord and in a society hostile to the cause of Christ we need to defend one another as much as we can do so with a clear conscience.

A minor, amusing observation today that made me think of this thread. I take The Pill for non-contraceptive purposes, and it hugely improves my quality of life. Mmm, hormones. I have absolutely no guilt here: this is clearly a medical choice.

However, the NHS (unlike the Church) does not distinguish between contraceptive and non-contraceptive uses, and so I get The Pill for free. I have to pay for all other medicines, including anti-depressants. People have to pay for asthma inhalers. But The Pill I get free because the government assumes I am using it to avoid getting pregnant.

This struck me as a weird counterpoint to the Church’s view.

I love you for this, brother. Just saying. =)

I also believe there are some other thhttp://www.filii.info/g.gifreads on this very subject.

Thanks for you post, and Amen.

On March 23rd, throughout the USA are gatherings in regards to the HHS/Religious Freedom situation. Most of the Christian Congregations and many Pro-Life, and advocates of the 1st Ammendment will be represented.





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