Oral sex by wife on husband

Is oral sex done by wife on husband that does not end in climax and done within the context of the marital act a mortal sin?

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If it all ends with a properly ordered marital act, then no it is not.

Recommend the book: The Good News about Sex and Marriage by Christopher West

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Nope. What you’re describing is foreplay. Totally fine.

Nothing wrong with talking during sex, provided no cursing or talking Lords name in vain which can happen from time to time


I am NOT married, but, most of what I have read about it says it can be used as foreplay. I think the site “Catholic bridge” has some stuff about Catholic sexual ethics.

Certainly not. People who get the big picture of what marital intimacy is supposed to be in God’s plan won’t feel micromanaged. We just get a lot of really specific questions on here and our answers probably sound that way.


I don’t see why it should get a special pass and it’s not micromanaging. Even though I am not sure, the consensus shows that it can be okay, so what exactly is the problem?

No, but some people here are bound and determined to make sex as sterile and formal as humanly possible. They’re terrified that someone somewhere might be enjoying themselves.


That’s probably not it…

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What’s that supposed to mean? Is that supposed to be an insult? I’m not uptight.

What gives them the right to declare what is and isn’t sin?


They are Doctors of the Church so they know better than us.


Why are you going on about about sex? Good answer is provided. What’s the problem?

Idk I personally think if it weren’t for pornography most women wouldn’t do that and many men would be too afraid to ask for it.


Emmm … what?

“Terrified that someone somewhere might be enjoying themselves” - classic definition of a Puritan . Although much of the talk about sex here is, I find, not so much Puritanical as it is Pharisaical.

Except I doubt that anyone is actually like that here.

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I don’t mean any disrespect whatsoever but I feel like specific sexual questions like this are best reserved for a priest and not on a public form.


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