Oral Sex

Is it permissible? I am just curious:blush: Only serious replies, please.

Hmmmm…I “bet you are kidding”.

First post…?? :rolleyes:

If you are serious, how about doing a search. This topic has been discussed adnauseum on this board. :shrug:

Somehow I knew I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I am a newbie.

Well in that case welcom to CAF. I think they gotta thread goin over one of the other forums about this. Do a search on the topic. You should get back enough stuff to keep ya busy for couple of days.

For some reason us Cat’lics tend to tawk about sex alot LOL. I usually don’t comment on such threads, I just like to read em. :stuck_out_tongue:

No it is taken seriously… so search for it there are tons of thread.

If you don’t want to do a search pick up “The good news about sex and marriage” by Christopher West.

Hint: Yes, it’s permissible… but there is more than that, do a search :slight_smile:

Uhh…I am confident that the same rules apply…husbands and wives only.:blush:

Thank you all for posting. I feel welcomed. I will look into all the information that is available.

As someone much wiser than me posted on here not long ago the only rule is that tab A must be in slot B at the end of the process.

Go on the Notra Dame Web Page. Log on to their Seminary page and there is a complete explanation on that subject and this advice is given by the Priests from there.


:thumbsup: Yup! You got it!

You may be a troll… but here it goes.

I am a poster here that believes that any type of for-play between husband and wife joined in Holy Matrimony is okay, bar none, as long as it ends in sexual intercourse.

Thats a big site. May I know the URL.


oral sex is intrinsically evil and so is always immoral.

oral sex as foreplay, i.e. for the purpose of acheiving an act of natural marital relations, is still intrinsically evil and so is still immoral. The end of natural marital relations does not justify the means.

Put in Oral Stimulation & Notre Dame University. NOTRE DAME SEMINARY WILL COME UP . Click on that. What will come up will be.
(The morality of sex within sacramental marriage by Jaso P. Pacermo.)
(Moral Theology 201. Human sexuality the states of life by Father Jose’ I Lavastida. New Orleans Louisiana 11/18 2004)


Really interesting. I would say thats the bottom line on the subject. Like so many things true, that don’t make sense, this does make sense.

Oh well. Another potential marriage candidate off my list then :frowning:


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