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I received this in my mailing from L. Michael Hall, PhD. He and Bobbi Bodenheimer are responsible for writings like Users Manual of the Brain vol I & II and more. Bobbi is seminary trained and L. Michael Hall in his journey went to the seminary. I found this interesting concerning the Bible. The OHCAC maintains this Tradition, reading for listening as does the EO. It is also interesting that Michael uses changing your mind.

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  1. Did you know that in the world in which Jesus and Paul lived only about 10% of the population
    could read?
  1. Did you know that the literature of that time period was written to be read out loud?
  1. And. did you know that the type of letters written in the New Testament were written to influence and change the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and behaviors of the recipients as they were read out loud?


Knowing HOW to use language effectively, strategically, and persuasively, was important to the writers of the New Testament. It was a tool to help believers become all that they were created to be. And that is where the 2008 Patterns for Renewing Your Mind Master Practitioner Training comes in. At the Master Practitioner training you will learn how to use language in a skillful and persuasive manner.

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