Orange County rescinds contract with Planned Parenthood, citing abortion concerns

Yeah Orange County :thumbsup:

Orange County rescinds contract with Planned Parenthood, citing abortion concerns

Orange, Calif., Mar 12, 2009 / 11:41 pm (CNA).- Citing Planned Parenthood’s links to abortion, the Orange County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted unanimously to rescind the organization’s $290,000 contract which would have funded a sex education program.
The 5-0 vote followed a long debate and many comments from the public.
The funding was part of a $7.5 million contract with the Orange County Coalition of Community Clinics. $291,788 of that money went to Planned Parenthood to provide teens and pre-teens with sex education, including information on birth control and sexually transmitted diseases, the California Catholic Daily reports.


thank you SO much for some GOOD news on the abortion issue… :slight_smile:

I just wonder why this is happening in Orange Co. and not elsewhere? Or maybe it is… & we’re not hearing about it… i certainly hope so…

Orange Co… Wow… that’s California you are talking about, right??




Yeah- home of the ninth circus court!

This is a big deal posters.

This is a borderline miracle. The fact that something like this happened in CALIFORNIA is amazing. I thought California was alost cause.

Our hope is in the Lord, who made heaven & earth! :slight_smile:

This comes after the news that PP lost millions in funding from Madoff. The bad part of
the latter is all the other people who lost their savings.

Orange County is usually referred to as a conservative area. I didn’t know any conservatives there, though. I take that back. I knew one. It has to mostly come from the richer areas. I lived in the poor area. However, many people there have conservative morals but still vote liberal.

what is maddoff?

Someone had posted on another thread the the email address for the supervisors—a quick atta boy may be in order…

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I just emailed him to thank him for this.

He can be reached here:

The man who is now in jail for his Ponzi scheme that lost BILLIONS of dollars for investors.
He gave to “charities” like PP. His wife is now under scrutiny, she has 14 million that
investigators say came from the Ponzi scheme.

I do see this as a miracle! Thanks be to God!

God always draws good out of every situation.

I am extremely astounded that any government would *pay *an organization to provide “education” to the captive students for something which that organization *sells. *How stupid is that?

And of course the fact that it is PP makes it so much worse. I heard a former abortionist on EWTN say that she used to go into the schools to speak at assemblies, and her income would go up for a while afterwards…

Got a return email today from Supr Norby–what a class act.

I’m sure they get every bit of support they can get. The political blogs of this county are down right ugly. Not as ugly as the comment box of the OC Register, but still ugly. They don’t always make great decisions though, and are often tight in terms of budget. Some time ago these same supervisors got in the news for not supporting a women’s shelter due to the uncertain budget, and the difficulties with their choice of county sheriff. All the same, in general, I find them a decent enough bunch and they do have their moments worth cheering for. This just happens to be one of them.

The story goes beyond dumping Planned Parenthood. A pro-life, pro-abstinence agency is being considered.

After voting to suspend an Orange County education contract with Planned Parenthood because the organization performs abortions, a county supervisor is considering whether the money should go instead to a group that describes itself as a “pro-life ministry” and uses ultrasound viewings and biblical material to counsel women.

To that end, Campbell is looking at Birth Choice Health Clinics as an option. Birth Choice is based in Santa Ana and was founded by Kathleen Eaton, its chief executive, about 26 years ago after she had an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic, she said.

Eaton said she spoke with staffers in Campbell’s office Wednesday about possibly taking on the county contract for health education. She said they set up a meeting for April 6 to discuss the issue.

Birth Choice’s “Teen Integrity” program educates teens on “the importance of building satisfying and mature relationships free from sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy and heartache, by promoting abstinence until marriage,” according to its website.,0,6894102.story

yeah, should be considered Conflict of Interest… except that i suppose christians could provide opposing kinds of services… with the same objective: cut teen preganncies, etc… Hmm… maybe there is that kind of thing, but must not be nearly as organized (internationally…) or huge…

hmmm… that doesn’t make sense… but then 54% of Catholics voting for the most pro-abortion senator in the nation for pres doesn’t make sense either…

It makes sense only in light of what Jesus said, that there are few who find that narrow road leading to eternal life… (st Mt 7:13, 20, St Lk 13:24).

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