Orans posture prohibited during Lord's Prayer


I’ve seen two Deacons do the Orans Posture. :frowning:

But what I’ve NEVER seen, is a priest in choir doing to the Orans Posture.


Don’t understand what you are saying??


Well, by that standard, we could rationalize a lot of things that are not defined in the rubrics. The issue is, then, what is the point of rubrics? We could lock arms and sway during the singing (and I think this would be appropriate with some songs).

We could crawl on our hands and knees to communion . If we apply a standard that something is not proscribed by the rubrics then it could lead to chaos.

If I had a copy of the rubrics, I would search for what is appropriate for the congregation. Loosely I think they would have simple directions, like, sit, stand, or kneel, or specify the responses. I think the implication would be to not make up things that are not there.


You know when priests attend a mass, but wear a cassock and surplice (with stole), but not concelebrate the mass? That’s what I mean by sitting in choir.

There are a number of priests who attend Mass with out archbishop on Sunday nights, after they have already celebrated Mass. So they just sit in choir, wearing their cassock and surplice (looking like seminarians or altar servers, until the Liturgy of the Eucharist and communion when they put their stoles on.

When they do that, I’ve never witnessed on doing Orans Posture during the Our Father.


Maybe, subconsciously, parts of the wording in Matthew 6:5 comes to some people’s minds when they see other people doing something in prayer that they construe as being unconventional? Going out on a limb here.


I don’t do it. I find it feels weird. I don’t mind those who do this posture.


Ok, call me rude. I was raised in a culture where holding hands is an intimate gesture. If I am holding hands with a non family member, likely my hand is sweating profusely. The odds of me being able to actually pay attention and pray the Our Father is nil. I am very uncomfortable doing it. I am just not a PDA type of person, especially with a stranger.

What is rude is expecting a stranger to hold your hand. What is surprising is that there are still people who have not figured this out.


Intent matters on a moral action. Yes, if someone is intending to imitate the priest, that is wrong. But no one is. So that’s why I said intent doesn’t matter in this case. Just follow the rubrics as you understand them.


That first opinion by Izolt was used in the original post.

In my parish pretty much everyone holds hands. This last year, I have taken to standing forward from the rest of the choir, easy to do, as I stand up from a piano bench, and holding my hands down. I started this as I noticed some doing the same, and I thought it good to show some an example that it is okay not to hold hands.

This is going on across the country. There has been no chaos or anyone taking this as license for any of this nutty stuff. So I would thing that is a lot of evidence that this is going to happen.


Those who want to, hold hands in our church …but it’s totally not expected.
If someone extends their hand you can shake your head no. Period.
I don’t do it sometimes when I can tell people are sick next to me. And then I always bring hand sanitizer…
Because you never know…


Or blow the dust off it…


That is the way it is at our parish. Maybe half the people hold hands. Occasionally someone next to me holds out their hand, and a slight nod is all it takes, no one acts as if I am being rude.

But it’s not the case everywhere. I know a lady who actually gets up and goes to the back of church and stands alone during the Our Father because she has such a problem with sweaty palms.


I think he was talking about helping the poor?


Based on his previous post, I think not.


Ah I see, well I don’t mind when people hold hands. I just find it feels weird when I do it, so I don’t. If I was commanded to so by my spiritual advisor I’d do it without thinking much more about it.

I don’t see the need to attack people who do licit things. If people do the orans, that’s perfectly valid, if they don’t that’s perfectly valid. I haven’t even bothered checking up on what state holding hands is, though I assume its licit too.

I think @JimR-OCDS is just being cheeky, especially because of the enormous heat and friction occuring during discussions about utterly trivial matters like this.

But I will let him speak for himself.


Uh-ohhh…I’m one of the ones who may stay in the pew during communion, not because of serious sin or scrupulosity, but because I’m a sacristan and sometimes attend 3 Masses in a 24-hour period due to funerals, First Saturdays, holy days, etc. and know I can only take Holy Communion twice. Promise me you won’t raise an eyebrow as you walk past my pew, CajunJoy! :sweat_smile:


Some days, I do more deletes than actual comments. :zipper_mouth_face:


One does run the risk of suspension, doesn’t one?


Well I sit in the second pew from the front so I actually don’t see who is behind me except if I turn around for the Peace of Christ. After Holy Communion I go to my pew bow my head & pray until I hear the Priest return to the altar. I wouldn’t even see who goes and who doesn’t go. And if I did I wouldn’t judge. That’s between them and God. Wink WINK!


So you just joined today, and for your first post, you chose to post something that’s been posted and discusssed on this forum countless times, and beaten to death each time? Just use that little magnifying glass on the upper right, and type in the word Orans and see what comes up.__ Arguments frequently arise with the topic, too.

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