I have recently come across oratories and they seem like a great way to serve God in community. To me they sound like diocesan priests, (except they live together and follow the example of St. Philip Neri). From what I can tell they work with diocese permission in parish work, hospital and jail chaplancy, etc. I also know that they take no vows. This is directly from the oratories:

"Oratorians are not members of a religious order at all, but rather secular priests living in a community under the simple rule of fraternal love and charity."

So my question is, are they paid by the diocese and subject to some sort of obedience to the Bishop of the diocese, (as they never move locations like religious members do)?



Oratorians are not bound by stability, but they are in a sense a religious order and are autonomous (aka no formal headquarters or head house). Each Oratory makes their own rules. They make their own vows for the community and live in community. All priests are bound by the bishop of their diocese. There are also secular brothers that can join an Oratory :]

I went to a university with nearby Oratorians whose work was college evangelization. They were awesome! :D


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