Oratory Fathers of St. Phillip Neri


Does anyone here have any experience with any of the Oratories? I spent most of 2013 in Toronto and frequently visited Holy Family parish, which is ran by the Oratory Fathers. They also operate another parish, a school, and a seminary. I was struck by a prevalent aurora of holiness, reverence, and piety. The Fathers celebrated the mass in both the OF and EF on a daily basis, with solemn high masses as well as solemn sung OF masses on Sundays and feasts. Confessions were heard multiple times a day, seven days a week.


No, but now I want to go to Canada!:)St. Philip is one of my favorite saints, he is my patron actually, chosen at my Confirmation.

God Bless you

St. Philip Neri pray for us!


I live near the Oratory in Birmingham (England), and so it has come to be my regular church. I would definitely echo all your experiences in Toronto: there is solemnity with joy, and tradition with openness. Confession is heard before each mass, of which there are several virtually east day, and the High Masses (which on Sundays are usually in the EF, to my great delight) are not only well attended but well directed and there is a genuine sense of piety from the fathers.

When I previously was in Oxford, it was at the Oratory there that I first came into the Church, and a more welcoming and thoughtful and holy group of priests I cannot imagine. I’m very glad that other people in other parts of the world feel the same. The Church as a whole is truly blessed by their work.


I briefly met some Oratorians in Lewiston, Maine (USA), where they administer the Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul. I was also deeply impressed with their spirituality and ministry. We need more parish priests like them!


I occasionally serve Mass for the Oratorians here in Manchester UK.

Again I echo what others have said! If only more parishes was run like these. They really do amazing work for the Lord.


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