Orbán names Soros and EU among those ‘attacking’ Hungary


In the annual State of the Union address on Friday (10 February) Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán listed among those who “attacked” his country billionaire George Soros and the European Union. euractiv.com/section/elections/news/orban-names-soros-and-eu-among-those-attacking-hungary/

                                Viktor Orban is becoming one of the world's most courageous leaders. :thumbsup:


George Soros evil incarnate:mad:


He is not long for this world and desperately needs our prayers. We need to watch where his money goes after he departs!


Good point.:eek:


Ah yes, the evil EU of which Hungary is a member and receives substantial subsidies from. If he doesn’t like it then leave, but of course he needs more EU funds so he can divert them to his private use, like the multi-million pound railway through his birth town that runs…nowhere.


This is the same Orban who has been accused of pursuing anti-democratic reforms, as well as reducing the independence of Hungary’s press and judiciary. Sounds eerily familiar and woefully misguided. :frowning:


:thumbsup: seeing him lauded on a Catholic board: sad.


And how dare he speak critically of that sacred entity the EU :D.


Like Palestine. But liberals are fine when they do it.

I like Orban’s stances against the EU and against Soros.

Hungary made the mistake of signing up too quickly and for the wrong reasons in terms of the EU.


And “anti-democratic reforms, as well as reducing the independence of Hungary’s press and judiciary”? Who cares?


Nope, that’s why I left it out. :thumbsup:




Oh plenty of people can and do speak critically of the EU. More telling would be what might happen to somebody in Hungary who dares to criticise Orban.


Probably. Anyone who doesn’t bow to the globalists is a tyrant who must be stopped. Anti democratic measures are the weapon of choice for the US. So even if true I don’t find it particularly bothersome compared to our foreign and domestic policy. Our first concern should be our policy for which we are responsible.


People have protested against Prime Minister Orban several times in the last couple years. Numerous videos of them can be found online.


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