Orbs and The Virgin Mary?

Are orbs real or not?

I am in two minds about it. Is it all just ‘New Age’ nonsense or is there a chance ‘some of them’ could be a sign from Our Blessed Mother?

New Agers believe they can be deceased loved ones, fairies or/and spirits that have not yet crossed over (trapped spirits).

We, humans cannot claim to obviously know and understand everything…so…maybe…just maybe…:confused:

There is a lot of things on YouTube that make for interesting watching.

Orbs are particles that reflect the flash light of a camera. Snow flakes, dust, rain drops, …
It’s an optical phenomenon mainly occuring with cheap, eh compact digital cameras.
There’s nothing supernatural about it.

uhh…they also occured with film cameras and people said they were due to poor developing or cheap film.

I once took a photo of what looked like the sun rise comming through the trees. When I printed it…the rays made a clear angel shape…head and all. I had been praying for God to show me if I should stay or move 800mi. I stayed. I met my FH a few days later. It was God speaking through my camera’s flaws.

Weither or not they are a fluke, God can speak to us through them. Not only that but saints and angels are constantly around. At any given time, in any room there are 2-3 TIMES as many angels as humans.

Yes, I have heard the skeptics point of view on this. It is possible, but I do not believe that everything in all situations can be explained like that.

Just as I have an open mind to it being possible that it’s dust etc, it’s also very possible it’s not. :shrug:

’New Agers believe…'

That’s all I have to hear to execute an about-face, new-agers unknowingly flirt with becoming useful dupes of demons.

What grounds are there for believing that a formless ball of luminosity is anything but a trick of the light?

It seems that the simplest explanation should be gone with, absent any real reason otherwise.

The fact that such have occurred with both film and digital cameras suggests to me that the origin of them is perfectly natural.


This might be better worth your time:

Beautiful, thank you. :slight_smile: It’s good to see something on there that is pure love, not trash and lies. This is the problem with things like the internet, you don’t know what is real.

Just to be clear, I was really just sort of putting it out there, my question, on orbs as it seemed that some believed (maybe this is only on YouTube) some Christian links to the orbs and I just wanted to hear everyones opinion on the forum.

Spiritualism played a big part in my life…once, but not anymore, and I really just wanted to confirm the views of this with other Catholics.

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

They recite this at the Novena of the Miraculous Medal Mass, worldwide every Monday. Where you live in the world, there’s more than likely a Catholic Church somewhere by you doing this…for sure. :thumbsup: They begin the mass with the Rosary.


It really can. A good photographer can literally make orbs appear on the film at will, or take pictures so that they never show up at all. And if a photographer of any religion or faith can do that at will, then their origin cannot possibly be supernatural.

Sometimes when I watch or read the news, there is no better way of raising one’s spirit than Immaculate Mary. All the worries and cares the world obsesses with disappear like the fog as the sun comes up.

Ask any photographer! Then you will get your answer.

Wow, ok, so the photographer thing really does make sense to me now. I can understand how this may happen more now.

There was this book I once had that had photos of ‘apparent’ orbs and other streams of light that would sort of come off candles. It was the strangest looking thing, and to look at it one might think maybe unexplainable. But I see now how it possibly may have just been light reflecting from the flash or something to do with the camera or lack of light etc.

Very good responses, thank you! :slight_smile:

“Originally Posted by AnAtheist
Orbs are particles that reflect the flash light of a camera. Snow flakes, dust, rain drops, …
It’s an optical phenomenon mainly occuring with cheap, eh compact digital cameras.
There’s nothing supernatural about it.”

Hmmm-well perhaps you can help me explain this one.

When my son was 12yrs old he and a friend were playing red light green light out in the front and I was watching Seinfeld on TV. Both boys came running in very upset and told me to come outside right away.

I stepped out on the front porch and they asked, “what are these things?” I looked up in the direction they were looking in and right over my head and right in front of me were orbs falling from the shy only in a radius of about three feet in a circle.

I just stood there for a moment and reached out my hand to see if I could touch them but each and everyone that I tried to touch moved away from my hand as if I pushed it which I did not.

Now, I am not a New Ager or anything like that and I don’t dwell in the supernatural or withcraft the occult or voodoo, do drugs, drink alcohol, and neither do these kids.

However the farm behind my farm supposedly had some odd things happening to the family that lived there so much so that TV shows came out with camera crews and the Universities also came out with all sorts of equipment. I thought MAYBE, just maybe something flew past my place??? :shrug:

I made the sign of the cross told the boys to say a prayer and resume playing while I went back in to watch the rest of Seinfeld.:slight_smile:

Now exactly what those things were—I don’t know and not so sure I want to know but I haven’t seen them since.

Never heard of orbs having any direct link to the Virgin Mary or anything else religious, myself. I’m not discounting the idea, nor do I think that all orbs are camera artifacts (though a great many surely are, prolly most of 'em).

I think it’d be neat if they find out that there are at least some orbs that can’t be explained in any natural way…maybe part of me just loves the mystery that still exists in the world.

In photographs, I’m very skeptical of orbs being anything other than floating dust particles or water droplets, but I’ve seen one with my own eyes that I can’t explain. We were having a small celebration at our house, after my son was Baptized. There were about 25 people in my little house, so it was pretty crowded. At one point, I heard some people gasp, “Whoa! What the heck?”. When I looked up, I saw a white ball about 3-4 inches around, that looked like a lighted crystal bubble, coming towards me. It seemed to have come from a picture of the Holy Family that was hanging on the wall, next to the front door. It flew all around the living room, then turned and went through the dining room, then zipped right out through the back door.

Everyone was really excited and started saying things like “Did you see that?!”, “Yeah, I saw it!”, “See what? I didn’t see anything.”. The whole house was buzzing about it. Some people saw it, some didn’t. Those who saw it were very happy when they heard others say they had seen it, so they didn’t think they were going crazy. No one could explain what it was. It was just a ball of light that moved through the house like it had a purpose. The fact that not everyone saw it made it that much more puzzling. If it was a natural thing, like an energy orb from tectonic activity, then everyone should have seen it if they were in the living room, at least. It was something that people still talk about, to this day, and it happened about 30 years ago.

So, I certainly can’t deny that orbs are real. :bigyikes:

Wow, that is amazing!!! What an experience. As you said, you don’t know what they were and I guess if anyone is to come across such things we should all be careful. Were they good or bad? Were they spirits, obviously you will never know.

These things…the mysterious, use to sort of annoy me. I wanted to know and understand why these things happened, this then lead me to the new age etc. I now know that I will never understand unusual happenings, but one day I will…when I am walking hand-in-hand with Jesus.

Now that I can’t wait for! :smiley:

:thumbsup: True so true. It would be very cool if we were able to find out how these things do occur…but, we probably won’t…:frowning:

Another amazing story, thanks for sharing ‘Telstar’. :slight_smile:
See, it’s things like this that really make me wonder. When there are so many ‘witnesses’ to an event, how can any deny it. Still, weird that not everyone did see it though.

Now, what about the apparitions of Our Lady. So many skeptics would deny it, yet we believe them (dont’ we:confused:) I know I do. I know we may not be talking about something ‘holy’ like Our Blessed Mother, but maybe similar…I don’t know. Humans interpret things and see things differently don’t we.

I guess it really is a very interesting subject with many believers and skeptics.
Another mystery for ‘Believe it, or not’.:stuck_out_tongue:

My grandfather saw “something”. He was standing alone on a bridge toward dusk and a ball of light dipped up and around, hovered for a little while, and vanished. He said that someone told him about a type of lightning that acts like that. It certainly was not a camera trick. :shrug:

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