Orca mother carries dead calf for days


Poor mama.


Oh, that’s so sad. I don’t know if you saw Blue Planet 2, but there was a scene showing a whale mourning its calf. Really heartbreaking.


Was it the calf who was poisoned because there was plastic in its mother’s milk?

I haven’t seen it. I’ve read about it.



I read about this yesterday. Stories like this make me cry.


Yes, that’s the one. There’s a link to it here if you can stand to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0a8HGJid-Jo.

It’s just so sad. Whales are such intelligent creatures, and they feel emotions so strongly. The death of the calf in the link was said to affect the whole pod.


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


That was very sad. :frowning:️

I wonder if it is common across various species of whales for them to experience this mourning behavior.


Elephants mourn too.


So sad.:sob:


I wouldn’t be surprised. There appears to be a lot of evidence in favour for it.


I read somewhere that not only do elephants mourn their dead, they also take interest in any elephant bones they find, whether they are related or not.


I knew that. But I don’t think they carry their dead calves like these whales do.

I did see a story of two circus elephants who were reunited in a sanctuary after many years of separation. They practically broke down the separation in their enclosure in order to be together.


Plastics are a huge issue in the oceans andon land… Micro plastic is now in the global potable water supply


I saw a couple videos on youtube where Elephants that had been shot and had actually made contact with vets in the field who had operated on them to remove the bullets…if that is really true then it does show a pretty high level of intelligence…they do have long memories so who knows if they have seen other animals being helped by vets…when I was younger I used to hunt quite a bit …many times just for sport…now I’m much…much older…and actually regret killing Gods creatures for no other reason than that and feel a lot of remorse when I think of those times…


All God’s creatures…to watch this mother push her baby back up to the top as it was sinking. She only had a few hours to spend with her baby,… what must she be thinking now? We, on the forum often bounce back and forth on the question of whether animals have feelings, or do they have souls etc…One answer comes today…An orca carrying her dead baby for days…God bless the life in the ocean…care for them watch over them…


Thank you for for the love you showed us this day…God bless


I hate propaganda clips like that. No one knows how the calf died but the narrator speculated it was poisoned by the mom’s milk due to pollution. Give me a break. It could’ve been anything else too. Ugh. Way to take a sad situation and use it to politicize


And what terrible stuff does it do to us? :thinking:

Endocrine Disrupters are in the water too :scream:


Shouldn’t the oceans be less polluted?


as should be our forests, rivers, internet, literature, television, radio, movies, video games, ad infinite and ad nauseum.

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