Orca mother carries dead calf for days


Sure. But the narrator doesn’t have to say the orca baby died from pollution.



That’s s different whale and baby in that video.



No the narrator makes a point to imply that this whale baby died for that reason when the reality is they didn’t even know. Imagine how messed up it would be if I saw a human mother with her recently dead baby and I made a documentary on how global warming was the culprit.



The guy is a research scientist…it’s accepted fact that commercial fishing and environmental issues have depleted fishing areas around the world…if you know better than research scientists then perhaps you’ll enlighten us with your own research …not everything is politically biased…that goes for both sides.

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You seemed to be equating the news story that I posted about the dead orca and its mother with the video of the pilot whale and her dead calf.

They are two different whales/calves.

Also, the fact that there are pollutants in the ocean is a verifiable fact.

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The guy is Sir David Attenborough himself.

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The CNN article insists all the babies are dying from lack of food. I find the link tenuous but possible. We have taken steps to recover the salmon population.



I recall seeing a documentary about Orca diets. Seems to vary from pod to pod. Some of them are exclusively fish-eaters. Some of them are marine mammal eaters. Some of them are predators of large ocean creatures like sharks, dolphins or whales. Some are squid-eaters. Seems the practices of one pod are nearly exclusive, so a seal-eating pod does not depend on salmon at all, notwithstanding the assertion in the article.

Also, some populations of orcas travel a great deal and are not dependent on one place for food. Some do tend to stay in one place. The orca population in question in this article is one population that appears to stay in one place year-found. The zero population growth might be peculiar to that one population, and probably is.

I have also seen that marine mammals like orcas, dolphins and whales do that “calf surfacing” technique early in the calf’s life. The mother will, after giving birth, help the calf to the surface for quite some while as she perceives the need to do it. So it’s possible this orca mother’s behavior was instinctive, not thought out at all.



Mom has carried her dead baby for 10 days,



I wonder if that length of time is normal?

Still so sad.

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I saw a show the other day with a Mama hippo shoving her weeks old baby in the water trying to get it to shallower water almost in the same way this mother shark is pushing her baby. Maybe the Mama shark thinks if she keeps pushing her baby it will wake up and swim on its own.
She must be exhausted doing this.
Very sad.



It could be.

Apparently this baby was born underweight and didn’t have enough blubber to help him be buoyant. Mother orcas do push the babies to the surface after birth for their first breath.



The mother has let her calf go after 17 days. Believed to be a record amount of time.



Heartbreaking ::disappointed_relieved:



I gotta give credit to the whales who’ve attempted to come back on land looking for food.

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